Benefits of Staying on Property at Disney World in 2024

Imagine waking up to a view of Cinderella’s Castle. Or strolling back to your room after a night of fireworks without worrying about a long commute. These are just a few benefits of staying at a Disney World resort, but there’s a lot more!

A cozy guest room at Disney's All Star Sports Resort, featuring a Murphy bed pulled down to reveal a whimsical Disney-themed backdrop, with classic characters enjoying sports. The room's efficient design and playful decor highlight the family-friendly and imaginative environment that Disney World resort guests can enjoy, adding an extra touch of magic to their stay.

Staying on-property at Disney World isn’t just convenient; it’s a way to make every moment of your vacation magical. In 2024, the benefits of choosing Disney property accommodations are more enchanting than ever.

So, let’s take on a magic carpet ride to explore why staying inside the heart of the magic is a great decision for your Disney adventure!

Complimentary Transportaion

Visiting Disney World can get very expensive, very quickly. After booking flights, tickets, car rental, and hotel rooms – the costs start to stack up. Which is why we love the multitude of FREE transportation around the Disney World Resort.


Welcoming Disney World guests, a red and white resort bus with a 'Welcome Home!' marquee sign stands ready at a pickup point, embodying the convenience and warm hospitality offered by Disney's complimentary transportation services. The lush greenery in the background and the wooden resort architecture foregrounding the bus paint a picture of the seamless and integrated resort experience.

Once you step into your room the whole of Disney World is in the palm of your hand. At every on-property hotel you’ll find the infamous Disney busses, one for each park plus Disney Springs. Departing every 10-15 minutes, you can hop on and kick your feet up.


Hotels in the Epcot Resort area, such as the Beach Club Resort, also have boat service between Epcot and Hollywood Studios. Although, you’ll be so close to both you could even walk!

Guests approaching the Magic Kingdom Ferryboat entrance under a clear blue sky, signifying another enchanting mode of transportation exclusive to Disney World resort guests. The bold signage, along with the sight of the iconic Cinderella Castle in the distance, captures the magical transition from the everyday to the extraordinary that defines the Disney resort experience.

Guests staying in the Magic Kingdom Resort area have dedicated boat service as well – direct to Magic Kingdom.


Staying in the Magic Kingdom Resort area gives you options though, as you can also hop on the Monorail.


The most controversial and divisive option to travel around Disney World is the Skyliner. These gondolas in the sky began operation in 2019, and are truly an attraction of their own.

But these are high up in the sky, and some guests have reported being a bit shaken up by the adventure.

Early Morning Entry

Visitors strolling towards the majestic Tree of Life at Disney's Animal Kingdom, taking advantage of the low crowd levels during early park entry, a benefit reserved for Disney World resort guests. The tranquil ambiance and the opportunity for uninterrupted views of the intricately carved tree underscore the serene and exclusive experience that comes with staying on Disney property.

Rope drop ready! Staying at a Disney World resort gets you into any Disney park 30 minutes early. That’s plenty of time to get to the front of the line at your favorite attraction.

Advanced Dining Reservations

While the parks are famous for their immersive experiences, character meets, and attractions. Disney in infamous for it’s dining. There’s even an entire festival celebrating food and wine at Epcot.

The grand lobby of Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge, bathed in natural light, showcases the resort's striking African-inspired décor, from the towering thatched roof to the intricate chandeliers. The elegant and immersive atmosphere provides a unique retreat for guests, highlighting another luxurious benefit of staying at a Disney World property

Among the many dining locations not to be missed, are spectacular table service restaurants. Global cuisine from locations like Sanaa allow you to try new dishes, while the Michelin rated Victoria and Albert provide a taste of elegance.

Reservations become available 60 days in advances, but popular spots can be hard to book! Guests staying at a Disney World Resort however, can make reservations for the duration of their stay (up to 10 days) starting 60 days from their check in date. That means you could book dining reservations 70 days in advance. Giving you a HUGE advantage.

Disney Dining Plan

The Disney Dining Plan is back in 2024, and it could save you a ton of money. Ordinarily we would not recommend paying for the Disney Dining Plan, unless you are looking for an all inclusive vacation.

A vibrant close-up of a plant-based Chicago-style hot dog from Casey's Corner, topped with a rainbow of fresh vegetables and a drizzle of mustard, served on a classic soft bun. The image captures the essence of Disney World's commitment to offering diverse and delicious dining options, adding to the perks of staying at a Disney resort.

The package pricing is simply not enticing and can very often cost more than if you had purchased meals outright. But several times a year Disney offers complimentary dining plans to guests, which can save you hundreds of dollars.

It’s one of the deals you can find, if you’re looking to save money on your next trip.

Genie+ Advantage

Thrill-seekers experience the joy of Slinky Dog Dash at Disney's Hollywood Studios, with the coaster's bright red track and the iconic 'GO!' sign at the launch point set against a brilliant blue sky with fluffy clouds. This image captures the excitement and vibrant atmosphere of the park.

If you’re visiting Disney for the rides, you’ll probably want to try Genie+. Disney’s newest service to skip the lines allows you to book return windows for select attractions around the parks.

While you wait for your return time, you can experience some of the underrated attractions with shorter lines, eat, shop. Beats waiting in line.

The picturesque Swan and Dolphin Resort is framed by towering palm trees and reflected in the tranquil waters below, as seen from the boat landing bridge in the Epcot Resort Area. This serene setting, combined with the convenience of water transportation to the parks, highlights the beauty and accessibility that staying on Disney World property offers to guests.
Guests of partner hotels, such as the Swan and Dolphin, enjoy many of the same Disney Resort benefits.

Day guests to the Disney parks are able to begin making reservations when the parks open. But those staying at the Disney World hotels can start booking at 7:00 AM, a full 2 hours early for most parks. This all but guarantees you’ll secure a reservation for your favorite ride.

Extra Magic Hours

Guests are immersed in the electrifying ambiance of TRON Lightcycle Run at Magic Kingdom, with its futuristic blue canopy glowing overhead. The dynamic energy of the attraction, especially captivating at night, is just one of the many exclusive experiences available to guests staying at a Disney World resort, offering extended park hours for an unforgettable adventure."

Possibly the biggest perk of staying on site at a Disney World hotel are the Extra Magic Hours. Unfortunately, this is only available to guests staying at Deluxe resorts or participating partner locations.

The iconic Partners statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse stands in the foreground, with the illuminated Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom creating a mesmerizing backdrop in the night. This timeless scene, enjoyed during the park's extended evening hours, is a magical end-of-day spectacle exclusive to Disney World resort guests.

For those who do though, Extra Magic Hours can be a vacation game changer. This perk allows guests to stay and play up to 3 hours after park close.

Extra Magic Hours are glorious. Experience lower crowds than rope drop, and walk on waits for some of your favorite rides. AND get access to a third virtual queue drop at 6:00pm.

Amenities and Activities

All resort guests can enjoy a breadth of amenities and activities at their resort. Each on-property hotel is home to, at least, 1 quick service location. Moderate and Deluxe hotels will also have a selection of table service dining and some even have a buffet!

A bright and informative activity board at Disney's All Star Sports Resort outlines the fun-filled September recreation activities available to guests, including a wellness scavenger hunt, arts and crafts, and movie nights under the stars. The vibrant photo above the text features a smiling mother and daughter, exemplifying the joy and family-friendly atmosphere that Disney resorts are known for.

Plus there are tons of things to do around your hotel for non-park days. From outdoor movies and campfire smore’s, to making friendship bracelets and Christmas ornaments. You could spend a week in one of Disney World’s hotels and never get bored.

Have you stayed on property at Disney World before?

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