7 Best Disneyland Snacks You Must Try On Your Next Trip

Spending a day at Disneyland can be a dream come true. The rides, the shows, the characters, the snacks! Oh, ya. You read that right. Disney parks may be known for amazing rides and photo-worthy character meet & greets, but they’ve also got more than their fair share of delicious treats. No trip is complete with a few Disneyland snacks.

Since not everyone gets a chance to experience both parks at the Disneyland resort, and they each have snacks to spare, they’re each getting their own countdown. Be sure to stop by next week to check out the best snacks at California Adventure.

#7 – Gibson Girl Ice Cream

Register and counter at Gibson Girl Ice Cream in Disneyland

Starting off the list is a giant Ice Cream cone or a signature Sundae, from Gibson Girl on Main Street U.S.A.  Ice cream is always a yummy treat, but the ice cream at Gibson girls is especially good. Maybe it’s just the fact that there’s a castle less than 100 yards from you, but it just seems creamier, richer, and more flavorful. Not to mention they offer several different Sundae variations, including Firehouse Datamation Mint and (my fave) Salted Caramel Pecan.

Yup, the Ice Cream from the Gibson Girl is definitely one of the best Disneyland snacks.

# 6 – Matterhorn Macaroon

Macaroon in the shape of the Matterhorn ride, covered in frosting with coconut shavings on top. Photo taken at Disneyland Park

What makes Disneyland snacks worthy of the name? There’s a number of characteristics, but I think being shaped like one of the most infamous park rides certainly makes the cut. That’s why Matterhorn Macaroons is #6 on our list.

This snow-topped treat is available at the end of Main Street U.S.A. inside the Holly Jolly Bakery. Which is perfect, because you can enjoy your mini Matterhorn with a view of the original attraction. Picture perfection.

#5 – Caramel Apples

Multiple chocolate covered apples each decorated to represent a Disney character such as Mickey, Minnie, and Maleficent. Photo taken at Disneyland park.

Apples get a bad rap in the Disney world, just look at what happened to Snow White! But these delectable Disneyland snacks finally receive the royal treatment that rightfully deserve. The caramel apples at Disneyland aren’t you ordinary, run of the mill, Halloween party apples. These are hand dipped, on site, in a variety of caramels, chocolates, peanuts, sprinkles, and more.

In fact, there are many of these artisan style snacks designed after some of your favorite Disney characters!

#4 – Beignets

Mickey shaped beignets covered in powdered sugar are shown inside the iconic white paper shaker bag. Photo taken at Disneyland.

These deliciously fluffy Disneyland snacks are deep friend and coated in powdered sugar. Sign us up! Beignets are a traditional snack originating in New Orlean’s creole cuisine, which is where you’ll find these – New Orleans Square.

If you’re looking for a quick snack on your way to Haunted Mansion, you can stop by the Mint Julep Bar. You can also enjoy a nice break in the day with beignets at Cafe Orleans. The beignets themselves are fantastic, being Mickey shaped just makes them that much better.

#3 – Mickey Pretzel

Mickey shaped pretzel sits inside a warming cabinet on a cart at Disneyland

If sweet treats aren’t your thing, you may prefer a Mickey shaped pretzel. It’s pretty easy to mess up a giant pretzel. Too many times have I been disappointed by stale, leftover, movie theater pretzels. But Disney never lets me down!

These yummy pretzels are always fresh, soft, and have just the right sprinkling of salt. Oh, did I mention the jalapeno cheddar pretzel? ummmmm yum. You can find one of these Disneyland snacks at convenience carts around the parks.

#2 – Churro

Photo of a chocolate cookie crumb churro at Disney California Adventure.

You can also snag an inexplicably good churro at one of those carts. These sticks of sweet cinnamon sugar goodness definitely belong on this top list of Disneyland snacks. But Disney took it a step further this summer for Pixarfest, introducing several new varieties including hot chocolate, pineapple, and carrot cake. Check out our guide to Pixarfest to find them all.

#1 – Dole Whip

A Dole Whip float with a cherry and pink umbrella

When it comes to Disneyland Snacks, there really is no contest. Dole Whip is the king of all the Disneyland snacks, and for good reason. This non-dairy treat is a delicious option for just about everyone, even those with dietary regulations. It’s sweet, and tart, creamy, and cool, and just so so good.

You can get the original Dole Whip and Dole Whip Float, served with pineapple juice, just inside Adventureland near the tiki room. Since it is Southern California, and we have an obsession with adding spicy to everything, the Dole Whip stand also offers Tajin to sprinkle on top – so good.

Not your thing? Grab a Matterhorn Macaroon on your way over to sprinkle on top for a Pina Colada flavored treat. Or hear straight to the Tiki Room Bar in the Disneyland hotel and get your Dole Whip Float with a shot of rum.

Disneyland Snacks Are Life

Whether you prefer salty sweet, or even a little spice Disneyland has snacks for everyone. Be sure to check out these treats on your next trip!

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