7 Must Do’s at Epcot

Epcot is by far the most unique theme park in Disney World, and arguably in the entire world. The Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, E.P.C.O.T., was designed by Walt Disney to be an interactive theme park that offered education wrapped in entertainment. Unfortunately, Walt passed before the park was completed and the original concept lost its way. Epcot has essentially become 2 parks, behind 1 gate. Future world offers rides inspired by the technology of tomorrow, or at least what we thought that looked like in the 80’s, while World Showcase gives us a chance to tour beautiful countries without a passport.

Over the last decade many of the park’s original attractions have closed, leaving some to wonder if it even warrants a visit. The answer is YES! Where else can you enjoy cocktails by the Eiffel Tower, fly around the world, and take part in a Nascar style race – all in a day? Epcot is filled with plenty to see and do, whether you are visiting during one of the parks many festivals or any time of year! Here’s our list of the top 7 must do’s in Epcot!

Soarin’ around the World

Soarin' Around the World - 7 Must Do's in Epcot

The precursor to Flight of Passage, Soarin’ Over the World gives you a bird’s eye view of the world. Located in the Land Pavilion in Future World, you’ll visit Egypt, China, the Pacific Islands, and so much more! The ride vehicle was the first of it’s kind and utterly groundbreaking. Inspired by the design of a hang-glider, the seats are hung rather than fastened down. The cart rises into the air, and you are soarin’ through a huge curved projection screen. The size and curve makes you feel like you are really there!

Test Track

Test Track - 7 Must Do's in Epcot

Because no theme park day is complete without at least 1 fast roller-coaster type ride! Test Track is just that ride! One of Epcot’s most infamous attractions allows you to design, test, and race your very own vehicle. The adventure begins in the queue when you and a partner use touch screens to mock up your dream car. You get to pick not just the color and design, but vehicle specks as well! You’re then loaded into the ride car to put your design through agility, handling, and breaking tests. Culminating in the speed test where you race around the outdoor track at top speed! Hold on to your ears! As the ride concludes you’ll see the results of your design’s tests and how it compares to other guests’ designs.


IllumiNations - 7 Must Do's in Epcot

The best way to cap of a Disney day is undoubtedly with a nighttime show, and Epcot’s IllumiNations delivers. Created for the turn of the century, this spectacular has become a cult classic. Set against yet another amazing Disney soundtrack, there are fireworks, projections, and a huge globe made of screens that floats across the lagoon. Rumor has it that this special experience is on it’s way out, so now’s the time to catch it!

Journey into Imagination with Figment

Journey Into Imagination with Figment - 7 Must Do's in Epcot

Figment is the unofficial mascot of Epcot, but many guests have no idea! Journey into Imagination has a long history, but suffice it to say people love the current main character. Figment is the purple dragon you see on a lot of Epcot merchandise, especially during festivals such as Flower and Garden and Food and Wine. The ride is a dark ride that takes you on a fun adventure. It’s a cute attraction that rarely has a line, but everyone should do at least once!

Snack Around the World

World Showcase (France) - 7 Must Do's in Epcot

Who doesn’t like snacks?! Snacking (or eating or drinking) around the world is the unsung hero of Epcot. It’s one of my favorite ways to tour the World Showcase! The idea is that you stop at each country’s pavilion and get something to eat or drink that is native to that country. There are many guides out there that can help you decide what to try, but this one from Tattooeed Travelers is one of my favorites.

Spaceship Earth

Spaceship Eart - 7 Must Do's in Epcot

Figment may be the unofficial mascot, but Spaceship earth is the mascot. The giant golf ball of Epcot is one of the most iconic sights to see in Disney World. It’s recognizable by most of the U.S. population, but many don’t know that it’s actually a ride! This attraction takes you back through time to witness human evolution first hand, from the wheel to the first forms of communication all the way through to today. Spaceship Earth is one of the uniquely Epcot attractions that sneaks in some education, just how Walt wanted.

Meet Your Favorite Characters

Meet Alice and Mary Poppins - 7 Must Do's in Epcot

Epcot is home to some of the rarest Disney characters, you won’t find in an other parks. World Showcase gives the park a unique chance to see some of your favorites where they’re most at home. You can meet Jasmine in Morocco, Mulan in China, and Mary Poppins and Alice in the UK – to name a few. I’ve also caught Marie and Snow White there. The Epcot Character Spot is another great chance to meet characters, where you can actually meet 3-7 different characters through 1 line.

Epcot is truly a gem! With fast rides, and fun eats it’s great for kids and big kids alike! What’s your favorite thing to do in Epcot?

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