5 Underrated Attractions at Disney’s California Adventures

Have you ever noticed at a Disney park that there are some rides people are willing to wait hours for, and some rides that never have a line and still everyone avoids them like the plague? Seems a little silly right, to pass by a perfectly good attraction? There’s probably some science somewhere that says our minds equate popularity to quality and therefore if there isn’t a line the ride must not be any fun. Not all rides can be a Space Mountain, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be a good time! Here’s our list of the most underrated attractions at California Adventures.

Goofy’s Sky School


Maybe it’s because this ride is relatively short, or maybe  because it sits in the shadow of it’s big brother California Screamin’ – either way Goofy’s Sky School just doesn’t seem to get much love! And why not?! It’s a fun crazy mouse style coaster that takes you for a spin high atop Paradise Pier. With twists and turn that will keep you on your toes, it’s worth the 15 minute wait time that it averages. Avoid the single rider line on this underrated attraction though, as it tends to take a while since the vehicles only seat 4.

The Little Mermaid ~ Ariel’s Underrated Adventure


Okay, so this one may not be underrated parse. People love this ride, but it never seems to be the talk of a strategy guide. It’s a really great little dark ride that takes you through the world of The Little Mermaid, the technology isn’t astounding but the animatronics certainly are. The only reason this attraction doesn’t top most people’s lists is because it’s a quick and easy drop by attraction. Running on a constant track, similar to Haunted Mansion, the line goes fast. Generally you can walk on to this ride, but at most you’ll be waiting 10 minutes.

Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters

I walked by Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters for more than 10 years, before I finally gave it a go. I was convinced that it was a ride for little kids, not exciting enough to justify even a short wait. I finally got over myself and hopped in line as a way to fill time between Genie+ reservations, and it’s now a must-do for every trip. It looks silly, and honestly, it is a bit silly – but that’s part of the charm!

Climb aboard a vehicle of your choice and strap in for a whirlwind adventure. These cars are choreographed and will begin spinning, swaying, and otherwise dancing along to the beat as soon as the music starts. The wait is rarely more than 20 minutes, most of the queue is shaded, and it makes for some adorable photos.

Turtle Talk with Crush


Crush is arguably one of the best things to come of the Finding Nemo franchise, and giving him an interactive attraction was a genius move on Disney’s part. Turtle Talk with Crush is a play on a live action show, where you Crush holds a meet and greet with the audience. Cast members hidden backstage are able to view the audience and voice Crush so that he can call out people in the crowd specifically. It makes for a few laughs when he finds an unsuspecting victim. Just think how startled you would be to have an animated cartoon calling you out in the middle of Disney! As Squirt would say “that’s radical dude!”

Animation Academy


This is one that I passed by many times before finally stopping in to see what it was all about. But I’m so glad that I finally did!! Animation Academy is a mini workshop where animators will lead you through the process of drawing one of many Disney characters. It’s a fun place for a quick stop to get out of the heat and to make your very own free souvenir! This one actually made our guide to grown up California Adventure! I’m a terrible artist, but I think that makes it even more fun. It’s just like those paint and wine classes, but without the wine.

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What’s your favorite ride at California Adventures? Is it a show stopper or a walk-on?

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