Dining Review: Be Our Guest Restaurant

There are a LOT of options when it comes to restaurants at Disney World. With several dining locations in each park, water park, Disney Springs, and all of the resorts – there’s a lot of versatility.

But there’s one in particular that you NEED to check out on your next trip.

Be Our Guest is located inside the Magic Kingdom, and it’s pretty dang popular. You might have seen others talking about it, and there’s a lot of reasons why. There’s tons to love about it!

Tell Me More About it!

This is the only restaurant in Disney World that is both a quick service and table service restaurant. Breakfast and lunch are considered quick service, though your order is still brought to your table. Dinner is table service, and now requires 2-meal credits. You do need a reservation during all dining windows.

The restaurant is themed after Beauty and the Beast, and done so BEAUTIFULLY. Before entering you must cross a stone bridge from where you can see Beast’s castle way up on top of the building. It feels just like you’re entering the movie.

Once you enter the restaurant you have 3 dining rooms to choose from.

The Grand Ballroom

The Grand Ballroom is the largest dining room and easiest to find seats in. It looks exactly like the ballroom in the movie – except filled with cafeteria style tables. It is picture worthy to say the least, but it’s also loud.

The Rose Gallery

To the right of the Grand Ballroom is the Rose Gallery. This area is themed around the movie in general, and has many movie stills hanging on the walls. The seating is much more private, featuring both booths and stand alone chairs. The center piece of the room is a huge rotating statue of Belle and the Beast dancing. It’s the most romantic of the 3 rooms, due largely to the more private seating.

The West Wing

And then there is the West Wing. This dining room is said to be the most difficult to get seats in (more on that later). It’s much darker than the other 2 rooms, and contains round tables of varying sizes with chairs. You can also find the infamous rose forever slowly dropping petals, a roaring fireplace, and a portrait of the Master.

Periodically (every 10-15 minutes) thunder strikes. During the brief thunder storm the lights will flash and the painting of Prince Adam will flash an image of the beast in it’s place. It’s pretty cool.

My Experience

I freaking LOVE Be Our Guest. We went for lunch, and were funneled through counters to place our order before finding tables. After ordering we were given a pager and went to find seats.

The only place I wanted to sit was the West Wing and you can be sure we would stand waiting, even after our food arrived, if need be for those seats. I was quite determined. Luckily though we had absolutely no trouble as there were multiple empty tables when we walked in.

After about 15 minutes the food arrived. I definitely was not expecting for the food to be delivered to our table, so that was a nice perk. It also arrived on a gorgeous glass encased buffet tray, I wish I’d taken a better picture of it – but I wasn’t The Pixie Dusted Planner back then.

How Was the Food

Delicious. I was weary of how my family would react to the menu, because the food is all French – or at least French inspired. There are no burgers, pizza, of chicken nuggets. Thank goodness we’d had nothing but that stuff the last few days, everyone was ready for a change.

I ordered the Braised Pork and it was absolutely amazing. Maybe I was just that happy to not have day old pizza, but I doubt it. The dish came with mushrooms, carrots, onions, mashed potatoes, and green beans. Loved it. This is what most of our party ordered.

My dad though, ordered the French Dip Sandwich. Which was also really good. This came with fries, but even they were better than normal theme park fries. Highly recommend.

Is it Worth It?

Be Our Guest is one of the most expensive restaurants on property, but it does accept dining plan credits which we had. If we were paying out of pocket, I don’t know that we would have gone. If we did we defiantly would have shared entrees.

The atmosphere, photo ops, and food are worth the price. You should definitely go at least once. If you have someone that is a big Beauty and the Beast fan, this is especially for them.

Beast also makes an appearance and is available for photos during the dinnertime service, which I think is awesome. But again, very expensive. Even more so now that the service has been deemed “signature” dining and costs 2 table service credits.

100% Worth it.

Getting Reservations

Be Our Guest is extremely popular, so snagging reservations can be a bit of a challenge. If you aren’t able to get the reservations you want, be sure to keep checking. Guests often cancel or change their reservations, especially the day before. So, don’t give up!

Here are some more tips to getting that elusive reservation.

  • Know your reservation date (180 days before, or 180 days before arrival if staying on site)
  • On-Site guests are able to book dining for the length of their trip, try booking for a later day
    • non resort guests do no have access until 180 days before the reservation date, so there is less competition
  • Try different party sizes
    • Sometimes you can find reservations by changing your party size by +/- 1 person. Don’t do more than that, or the restaurant will not be prepared for your group
  • Split your party
    • You can also try splitting your party in half and booking 2 reservations with close arrival times.

Have you been to Be Our Guest? What did you think?

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