Red Rose Tavern Review at Disneyland

Disney parks aren’t exactly known for their breakfast options. And Disneyland might be one of the worst. Even though the park opens as early as 8am on some days, there are few options available inside the park. There are classics on Main Street such as the Starbucks and Holly Jolly Bakery. But if you want something a littler heartier, with a bit more space to sit down – AND delicious plant based options.

Look no further than Red Rose Tavern.

Where is Red Rose Tavern Located?

In the center of Fantasyland, beside Pinocchio’s Daring Journey and facing the Storybookland Canal, you’ll find the Red Rose Tavern. It’s a Beauty and the Beast inspired dining location. Here you’ll find fare from the classic film like The Grey Stuff and a souvenir Red Rose sipper.

This is a quick-service location. Meaning that you will order at a register and pick-up at a counter, rather than a server bringing you your order. There were lots of open tables and chairs inside during our visit. Patio dining is also available, but our table was a bit harder to come by on this beautifully sunny SoCal day.

Breakfast Menu

Red Rose Tavern has one of the best breakfast menus in all of Disneyland. There’s just 4 options, but they run the gauntlet of breakfast options. You can even modify a dish to customize it just to your liking.

We opted to try 2 of these dishes; the Bonjour Breakfast and Little Town Harvest Bowl which is plant based.

Bonjour! Breakfast – $9.49

Giving some favorite breakfast standbys a twist, the Bonjour! Breakfast plate features soft and fluffy scrambled eggs piled high on top of seasoned potato barrels. Your choice of bacon or sausage is sprinkled on top, and the whole thing is accompanied with a miniature croissant.

Close-up view of a Disneyland Red Rose Tavern's Bonjour Breakfast, featuring fluffy scrambled eggs and crispy bacon strips with sunny outdoor seating in the background

We absolutely loved how effortlessly delicious this dish was. It’s an easy entry item filled with familiar foods that many people will enjoy. There was minimal seasoning, but a condiments bar featured salt, pepper, ketchup, and hot sauce. Everything you’d need to make it your own.

Little Town Harvest Bowl – $9.99

Though similarly built on a base of potato barrels, this dish stands out all on it’s own. A wonderful mix of roasted cauliflower, mushrooms, tomato, and arugula tower on top of a heaping helping of savory quinoa. A spicy lime aioli tops it all offs and packs a flavorful punch.

Disneyland's Red Rose Tavern Plant-Based Harvest Bowl held up against a backdrop of the restaurant's whimsical fairy-tale exterior, with potato bites, roasted veggies, and quinoa.

This is one of the best breakfast bowls I’ve had, maybe ever. I loved everything about it from the crispy potatoes to the umami of the vegetable additions. The quinoa adds protein and amps up the whole bowl with an additional layer of texture. The lime aioli is what really takes this one over the top though. It’s creamy, bright, and adds just a hint of heat.

Service and Experience

We did experience an issue during our meal where the wrong item had been rung up and we did not notice until the food came out. The team here was great though, quickly preparing the corrected item and allowing us to swap.

The Red Rose Tavern is a must stop if you are looking for a quick breakfast inside Disneyland park. Between the scenic location, delicious food, and friendly service – it simply can’t be beat.

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