This Loaded Baked Potato is Bigger Than My Head!

The California Adventure Food and Wine Festival features six marketplaces this year, but there are tons more options at participating locations around the park including the Paradise Garden Grill.

The 'bigger than my head' loaded baked potato drenched in baked beans and beef tips, the rich colors of the toppings contrasting with the bright teal plate, served as a substantial offering at DCA's Food and Wine Festival.

There’s quite a few festival treats on their full menu, but one in particular that caught our eye. It’s the Loaded Baked Potato with Seasoned Steak Tips and BBQ Baked Beans. Topped with Cheese Sauce, Tangy Slaw and Green Onions.

One of the few entirely plant based options at DCA Food and Wine this year, it has a few surprises in store.

An up-close view of an enormous loaded baked potato, smothered with beef tips, baked beans, and a generous helping of coleslaw, sitting on a teal plate with a vibrant yellow sauce pooling around it, showcased under the bright California sun.

First off – this thing is HUGE! I can’t even imagine how much the potato weighed before being topped, but this plate felt like it was 5 lbs! With a $13.99 price tag to match. There is plenty enough to share with 2-3 people, possibly more if you’re trying to taste all the festival plates.

The Loaded Baked Potato is delicious. The interior is soft and fluffy, with a buttery taste on it’s own. The beef tips look like they have been cooked or stewed for a long time, as they’re nearly falling apart and melt in your mouth.

While the description lists BBQ Baked Beans as one of the toppings, the sweetness takes you by surprise. I’m not sure why I wasn’t expecting this, but it exceeded those expectations.

A hand presenting a colossal baked potato covered in savory toppings and a yellow sauce on a bright teal plate, basking in the sunlight on a speckled table, embodying the bold claim 'This Loaded Baked Potato is Bigger Than my Head.

Overall, this is 4 out of 5 stars. The cheese sauce was a bit bland, and there was far too much of it. The potato was nearly drowning in queso – which sounds a lot better than it actually is, I promise. I would love to have an element of crunch as well, the texture is fairly one dimensional.

While this isn’t a must-have item at this years DCA Food and Wine Festival, it’s a good option to split with a group for a lower cost (per person).

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