Our Top 5 Quick Service Spots at California Adventure

I love to eat, I’m a foodie, and it’s no different when I’m at a Disney park. Well, it’s a little different. See, I am not a sit down and relax kind of girl. I am a go, go, go getter and at Disney I need to see and do everything. California Adventures is my absolute favorite park in the U.S. and as such, I’ve had just about everything there is to eat. So before you get hangry, check out this list. Here’s my top 5 quick service spots at Disney’s California Adventures


Where’s it at: Located in the Backlot, on the left-hand side, across from Animation Academy. If you hit the Hyperion, you’ve gone to far.

What’s on the Menu: Smoothies and coffee, sort of like an off-brand Starbucks

Why We love it: Sunset Blvd, the main drag in the Backlot, is on the parade route so we love any eats in the area. But Schmoozies is especially good because they offer a fairly healthy option that tastes great. Also…..COFFEE!

Cocina Cucamonga

Where’s it at: In the Pacific Wharf area, right across from Lucky Fortune Cookery (also not bad)

What’s on the Menu: Mexican Entrees

Why We love it: I’m biased about this one, I’ll admit, because I have a love affair with Mexican food. I’m from San Diego, it’s basically a law that you have to love guacamole. Cocina Cucamonga does a great job of keeping the authenticity while still being able to appeal to the masses. It’s somewhere between Taco Bell and Chipotle, but you won’t find a California Burrito. (Which they totally should have. The park is named California….)

Paradise Garden Grill

Where’s it at: Pixar Pier, just past Toy Story Midway Mania

What’s on the Menu: It’s an eclectic hodge-podge of meats

Why We love it: The Bear-braised pork tacos. Ya, I’m probably being a little biased again because the word taco is involved. But trust me it’s absolutely de-lish!

BoardWalk Pizza & Pasta

Where’s it at: Conveniently, in the same place as Paradise Garden Grill

What’s on the Menu: Italian inspired entrees

Why We love it: Well first of all because there’s pizza and pasta. But specifically the Chicken Sun-dried tomato Pasta. Oh it is SO good! If you read about the Best Quick Service Spots in Disneyland you know I made dupe of their amazing pasta dish. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to duplicate this one just quite right though. I’ll be sure to share if I can ever figure it out!

The Lamplight Lounge

Where’s it at: On the bridge into Pixar Pier, near the Incredicoaster

What’s on the Menu: TBD. The Cove closed last year and will re-open in the Summer as the Lamplight Lounge. The concept should still be similar so I think it’s safe to say you can find killer cocktails and upscale appetizers here.

Why We love it: There are so many reasons, honestly I would pay for a park ticket just to spend the day here. The view is spectacular, especially if you can get a seat for World of Color. The drinks are beautiful and delicious (and deadly, make sure to get a glass of water as well). The food is some of the best, not just in the parks but out of all I’ve ever had. I am ecstatic that they are expanding the location, because the wait was usually an hour or more. Take this with a grain of salt though, because Lamplight Lounge isn’t actually open yet. What we do know for sure is that cult favorite Lobster Nachos will be coming back, and I’m drooling already.

If you’re headed to Disneyland this month (April 2018) you are in luck! The Cove Bar has reopened for a very limited time, just until May 28th. And keep an eye out for me, because I will for sure be there for one last drink.

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Let me know! What’s your favorite spot to grab a quick bite in California Adventures?

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