5 Best Quick Service Locations in Disney Springs

There’s lots to love about Disney parks, but there’s so much more just outside the gates around the rest of Disney World. Disney Springs is the hip new incarnation of Downtown Disney in Florida and home to some of the resorts best restaurants.

Table service isn’t for everyone. Whether you are on the quick service dining plan, don’t want to pay for table service prices, or have a schedule that doesn’t include a long meal. Sometimes quick service is the way to go.

The SmokeHouse at House of Blues

5 Best Quick Service Locations in Disney Springs

Where it’s at: West Side

On The Menu: Traditional BBQ, with classic AND Carolina sauce (it’s fantastic, trust me). As well as some creative twists

Gotta Get: Smokehouse Nachos with Pulled Smoked Pork

Why We Love it: You can’t go wrong with barbecue – especially when it’s done this well. We also LOVE the Carolina sauce. It’s a mustard based BBQ sauce that you don’t see very often outside. And then there’s those nachos. Heav-en. Yup.

They’re a mix of yummy carne asada style nachos, with a tasty twist. Probably one of my favorite dishes at Disney World. These are a MUST and the serving is large enough to share.

D-Luxe Burger

5 Best Quick Service Locations in Disney Springs

Where it’s at: Town Center

On The Menu:  Lots of burgers!

Gotta Get: El Diablo Burger

Why We Love it: Everyone loves a good burger, and that’s what you’ll get here. But they take it even further with premium burgers like the Southern Burger (with a fried green tomato), the BBQ burger (with onion rings), and my favorite. El Diablo Burger, made with a chorizo/beef combo patty and topped with fried banana peppers. Count me in!

The Polite Pig

5 Best Quick Service Locations in Disney Springs

Where it’s at: Town Center

On The Menu: Even MORE BBQ

Gotta Get: The Southern Pig

Why We Love it: Alright, I’m a sucker for BBQ – but who isn’t? The sweet, smokey allure of slow cooked pork, chicken, and beef. My mouth is watering. What I love best about this location though, is the salad selection. I know, who goes to a BBQ place and gets a salad, right? But these are salads topped with yummy delicious BBQ. So it’s the best of both worlds and you can totally convince yourself that it’s healthy. 😉

The Daily Poutine

5 Best Quick Service Locations in Disney Springs

Where it’s at: Town Center

On The Menu: Poutine (I’ll explain)

Gotta Get: Classic Poutine

Why We Love it: Poutine, if you’re not familiar, is a traditional dish originating in Canada. It consists of crispy french fries, covered in luscious gravy, and topped with cheese curds. I don’t like cheese, but I LOVE poutine. It is so good and so bad for you. The Daily Poutine offers several varieties, but there’s nothing like the original.

Wolfgang Puck Express

5 Best Quick Service Locations in Disney Springs

Where it’s at: The Marketplace

On The Menu: American Home Cooking and Pizza

Gotta Get: Bacon. Wrapped. Meatloaf.

Why We Love it: You guys this place is my #1 favorite place to eat in ALL of Disney World. Hands down, no questions asks. When we have left over meal credits at the end of a trip, we get our favorites from the Wolfgang Puck Express in to-go containers. (The airlines hate us).

There is something for everyone, but honestly I can’t imagine anyone not LOVING the bacon wrapped meatloaf. It’s the best thing on the menu.

Final Thoughts

There are LOTS of choices all around Disney World for dining, and there is no shortage in Disney Springs. Checking out this area should definitely  be on your vacation to-do list. It’s an especially great place to explore on a half day, like arrival or departure.

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