Swinging for the Fences Disney’s All Star Sports Resort is a Home Run

I would rather stay at All Star Sports than any deluxe Disney World resort. It’s a pretty big claim to make, but I promise you I can back it up.

If you’re planning a trip to Disney World I am begging you to check out the All Star Sports resort. There are 4 types of resorts at Disney World; value, moderate, deluxe, and DVC. All Star Sports is one of the value options, along with:

  • All Star Music
  • All Star Movies
  • Pop Century
  • Art of Animation

There’s a few differences between each type of resort, the biggest though difference is the price. But first, let’s talk about what comes with that price.

Location and Theming at All Star Sports

The All Star Sports Resort is located at 1701 W. Buena Vista Dr., Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830, in the Animal Kingdom/ESPN area of Disney World. Making it a short trip to Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Blizzard Beach. It’s one of the southmost resort and fastest to venture off property as well, with just a short 15 minute drive to the closest Walmart.

Colorful pin trading board displayed in a guest area, featuring a variety of Disney character pins, inviting guests to trade and collect memories during their stay, enhancing the interactive fun of their visit.
We love the fan community you find at value resorts. Just look at this adorable pin-trading board!

But what All Star Sports, and most value resorts, are really known for is the larger than life theming. There are four sections each representing a different sport.

Surf’s Up!

The surfing themed area of the hotel is home to the main pool and the closest section to the lobby, food court, gift shop, and laundry facility.

A vibrant walkway lined with giant, multicolored surfboard sculptures at the Surf's Up building in Disney's All Star Sports Resort, creating a lively and thematic beach sports atmosphere under a bright, sunny sky

Here you’ll find boardwalks, instead of sidewalks, lined by vibrant surfboards measuring 38 feet tall. More than 900 fish cut-outs line the railing of each building’s exterior walkways.

Hoops Hotel

Vibrant red oversized structures in the shape of basketball hoops and netting against a bright blue sky at Disney's All Star Sports Resort, with lush green palm trees and a clear sunny day enhancing the colorful, playful ambiance

Adorned with more than 70 basketballs, measuring more than 5 feet around, is the Hoops Hotel. Here, the buildings feature team pennants surrounding the top of each building.

Basketball-themed hotel facade at Disney's All Star Sports Resort, decorated with various basketball hoops and colorful backboards, creating a dynamic and engaging environment that celebrates the sport.

Two bright red whistles measuring more than 60 feet tall are placed at either end of the courtyard. Alongside huge cheerleading type megaphones near each stairwell.


Series of oversized football helmets on display, aligned along a football field with yard lines and goal posts under a clear blue sky at Disney's All Star Sports Resort, enhancing the thematic sports decor.

Across from the pool is the football themed area, featuring a mini field – complete with a play mapped on the ground. I’m told this specific play is a fake-out, intended to deceive the other team. To me, however, it looks like a failed game of tic-tac-toe.

Giant football installation at Disney's All Star Sports Resort, positioned among lush greenery with a bright blue sky background, symbolizing the football-themed section of the resort and adding a touch of whimsical decor.

On either side of the field sits a football helmet, large enough for a 200 foot tall player, which house the buildings primary staircase. Goal posts rise from the ground at each end of the field, more than 3 stories tall!

Homerun Hotel

Baseball-themed hotel at Disney's All Star Sports Resort, featuring giant baseball bats as columns and large baseballs attached to the green facade, perfectly

A smaller quiet pool can be found in the Homerun Hotel which is themed to baseball. Here the walkways are covered in chain link fence and lit by red hanging lights, making it feel like you’re in the dugout for your favorite team!

Huge Coca-Cola cup replica at Disney's All Star Sports Resort, adorned with perforations and standing next to a baseball-themed building, reflecting the resort's overarching theme of American sports and popular culture.

Speaking of teams, MLB pennants are prominently displayed along the top of each building – can you find your favorite? (It’s the San Diego Padres for us!). At the end of each building is a larger than life Coca Cola cup – big enough to hold 240 million gallons of soda!

Center Court

A walkway at the Center Court Hotel features towering tennis racket sculptures, adding a playful and oversized element to the tennis-themed decor, with tropical plants enhancing the vibrant, sporty ambiance

On the outskirts of the resort is Center Court featuring tennis theming. The courtyard is made to look like an actual tennis court and is home to statues of Donald, Huey, Dewey, and Louis!

Giant tennis ball can sculpture serving as a quirky staircase banister at the Center Court section of Disney's All Star Sports Resort, set against tennis-themed decor and lush greenery, enhancing the sports motif of the area.

Along the rails of each walkway are 50 foot tall tennis racquets, and hundreds of bright green tennis balls.

During our visit we actual met Donald, Goofy, and Pluto on the court playing tennis! They were visiting the resort as part of the Character Caravan, which brings characters to select resorts each day to meet with guests!

All Star Sports Accommodation Options

A guest room at Disney's All Star Sports Resort, featuring modern furnishings with a sports theme, including a large flat-screen TV, a wood-finished dresser, and a dining area with sports motif chairs, providing a cozy and functional space for visitors

There are 1920 room at the All Star Sports resort. Each room features two queen beds, 1 stand alone and 1 murphy style. Up to 4 guests would be able to sleep comfortably.

Spacious guest room with two queen beds, each dressed in clean, white linens, framed by a vibrant, Disney-themed headboard, creating a comfortable and engaging environment for family stays.

The footprint of each room is surprisingly spacious. Largely due to the foldout bed which Disney calls a table-bed, I promise it’s better than it sounds!

Modern guest room featuring a plush bed with crisp white linens, a large headboard showcasing colorful Disney character artwork, and a Murphy table with sports-themed chairs, offering a functional and cheerful space for guests.

During the day you have a generously sized table with 2 chairs.

A whimsically decorated headboard in a guest room at Disney's All Star Sports Resort, featuring colorful DuckTales characters, adding a touch of Disney magic and fun to the room's decor.

By night, a cute themed bed perfect for kids or bunkmates.

Inside the room you’ll also find an empty mini-fridge. Perfect for housing some light snacks or bottled water.

The primary bed is raised to allow suitcase storage, freeing up even more floor space.

Guest room storage area with a secure safe and a wooden cabinet offering ample space for personal belongings, designed with a practical layout to maximize room utility and guest convenience.

Across from the beds is a large dresser vanity with 4 big drawers, a cupboard, and safe. The smart TV is hung on the wall above.

A small group of hooks are mounted on the nearby wall, for jackets and Loungefly’s you may need to store.

The vanity area inside a guest room at Disney's All Star Sports Resort, showcasing a modern and clean design with a large mirror, ample lighting, and sports-themed decor, creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for guests

The bathroom is split into two areas. First is the sink, vanity, and closet area. There’s a small open closest for hanging any dresses, button downs, or other fancy clothing.

Well-lit vanity area in a guest room, featuring a large mirror and ample shelf space, neatly organized with towels and toiletries, providing a convenient and tidy space for personal care.

A huge mirror sits overtop of the sink, with a thin but long counter area. There’s plenty of storage above and below for keeping toiletries close at hand.

Guest room shower with a simple yet functional design, featuring a tiled wall and a glass door, complemented by modern fixtures that ensure a refreshing experience for guests.

Trough a sliding door is the toilet and shower stall, complete with rainfall shower head.

Bright and clean guest restroom with a glass-enclosed shower, white subway tiles, and a vibrant green wall, offering a refreshing and modern space for guests to unwind.

And everyone’s favorite, H2O amenities.

Dining Options

Entrance to the "End Zone Food Court" at Disney's All Star Sports Resort, featuring a bold, sporty font on the sign against a vibrant green background, with a glass ceiling above the entry providing a bright, airy feel.

The End Zone! Dining Hall is where you can find lots of quick service dining options. There are four windows with made to order options including pizza & pasta, sandwiches, American/bule plate, and dessert.

Digital menu display inside the "End Zone Food Court" at Disney's All Star Sports Resort, detailing a variety of dinner and kids' meal options, including themed items like an "Impossible" burger, in a clean and modern setting

Resort refillable mugs can also be purchased here. These are single priced keepsake mugs that you can use over and over for the length of your stay. It gives you access to unlimited soda, tea, and (most importantly) coffee.

Recreational Activities

All Star Sports hosts a variety of activities each day including mini pool parties, campfires, and a s’more station on select nights. It’s the best way to start (or end) your stay at Disney!


There are 2 pools at the All Star Sports resort. The main, larger, pool is located near the lobby and food court in the Surf’s Up! section of the resort. Here you’ll find a full service poolside bar, featuring a number of specialty drinks themed to the resort.

Dive-in movies are played on a projector screen select nights, and can be seen from the water or lounge chairs around the pool’s parameter.

A smaller quiet pool, shaped as a baseball diamond, can be found in the Homerun Hotel. I absolutely love the theming here! From the oversized scoreboard and grandstands, to the base lines painted on the bottom of the pool. I cannot get over the attention to detail.


Brightly lit sign of the "Game Point Arcade" at Disney's All Star Sports Resort featuring colorful light bulbs arranged in star shapes, mounted on a vivid blue wall, casting dynamic shadows and creating a lively, inviting atmosphere for guests

Inside the main lobby building is the Game Point Arcade. It’s home to all your favorite video games and pinball machines, as well as a photo booth and some new instant classics.


The All Star Sports Resort offers complimentary transportation to each park by bus. Guests can travel to Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Magic Kingdom as well as Disney Springs.

Buses to each location leave every 15 minutes. Service to the theme parks begins 45 minutes prior to park opening, and continues 1 hour past close.

Buses to Disney Springs are available starting at normal opening hours for Disney Springs. You can catch a bus back to your hotel up to 1 hour after Disney Springs closes.

Nearby Attractions and Facilities

All Star Sports is a value resort, its a great option for any one on a budget. And if you’re on a budget, you’re going to love that McDonalds is right down the street. Walking distance to discount meals.

This is a big win as Disney food can get expensive fast. The drive-thru is also extremely convenient if you have a car and are driving to the parks, just swing by on your way out.

While the resort is on property, it’s right on the edge of that Disney bubble. Making it easy for guests with cars to pop-out to Walmart, Target, or any number of nearby restaurants.

Experience and Service

Your room might come at a discounted price, but the service is still top-tier. Starting with the baggage service available outside the lobby. Just pull up and drop your bags off before checking in for your room.

Baggage attendants make several delivery rounds each day though, so don’t expect your luggage to be delivered immediately. It could be up to five hour before you see your suitcase, so be sure to bring a small bag with anything you need before then.

Check-in is a breeze in this newly renovated lobby. The staff while ask for your ID and credit card before providing information about your room location and how to access. A viewing area is available for all showing Disney cartoons to keep littles entertained while parents check in.

If, like us, you prefer a no-contact check-in option you can do so on the My Disney Experience app. Just open the app, up to 30 days, before your arrival and answer a few questions. Your room number will be assigned near check-in at 3:00pm. Then open the door with either your connected Magic Band or the Disney app.

Check-out is even easier. Open the My Disney Experience before check-out at 11:00am, and you’ll receive a notification that you’re good to go.

Pricing and Value

Here’s the kicker – you get all of this value for as low as $150 per night. Rates vary depending on when you are visiting, with the highest we’ve seen around $250 during the height of the holiday season.

Prices are valid for up to 2 adults, with a small surcharge for additional guests 18 or older.

Preferred Rooms

While there is just one room layout at All Star Sports, there are both standard and preferred rooms.

The preferred rooms are located in buildings 1, 6, 7 and 10 which are the Surf’s Up and Touchdown! sections of the resort. These rooms are situated closer to the food court, pool, transportation and lobby.

Tips and Recommendations

The All Star Sports Resort is the most affordable option on property at Disney World. It’s amazing to have immersive theming, complimentary transportation, and on-site amenities at these price-points.

What All Star Sports is not, is a luxury hotel. You won’t find concierge service, fitness center, or hot tub here. But you don’t need any of those at Disney, when you’re spending most of your day in the parks.

Here’s our top tips to make the most of your stay at All Star Sports:

  • Plan your trip during early spring or summer
  • Check for discounts – there’s almost always a deal
  • Check for discounted Dining Packages
  • Decorate your door and window! All Stars is a great place to celebrate. We’ve seen banners, balloons, streamers, and even pin trading boards!

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