7 Must Do’s at Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios is about to get crazy. The park has had a bit of an identity crisis over the last few years, and there are still rumors swirling about a possible name change. But one thing is for certain, after next month this isn’t going to be a half day park anymore. With high flyin­­­g thrills and spectacular shows, there’s plenty to do all day in Hollywood Studios! Here’s our list of the 7 must do’s in Hollywood Studios.

Tower of Terror

7 Must Do’s at Hollywood Studios

Ever since the removal of Mickey’s Sorcerer’s hat, the Hollywood Tower of Terror has become the parks unofficial official icon. It is the tallest structure in the park and can be seen, and heard, as far away as Epcot. Disney gives this Hollywood Studios classic an A-list queue and backstory, following an infamous episode of the Twilight Zone.

After learning about a group of celebrities that went missing at height of the hotel’s glory days, you’ll be loaded into an extremely trust worthy service elevator. Up, up, up you’ll go with a few quick stops for more backstory. When suddenly your elevator goes awry and drops straight down, over and over again.

Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster

Hollywood Studios has definitely secured itself as the grown-up Disney park, with rides just like this one. Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster is the most exhilarating ride at Disney world, and will through you for a loop – literally. The indoor roller-coaster is like Space Mountain on steroids. Your limousine will take you through a loop and corkscrew, while you rock out to some of your favorite Aerosmith tracks.  This must do is exclusively for big-kids, and even has a single rider line!

Slinky Dog Coaster

7 Must Do’s at Hollywood Studios

Okay, so this ride isn’t open just yet – but it’s bound to be iconic. After entering the new Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios you’ll be able to ride on Andy’s home-made attraction based on Slinky Dog’s twisty and turvy body.

Star Tours

The original Star Wars ride will continue to reign supreme long after the opening of Galaxy’s Edge in Hollywood Studios. Star Tours is a simulator ride that takes you flying through the world of Star Wars, with a few familiar friends. Early into the adventure your touring party will be informed that a rebel spy has boarded their ship! It’s your duty to get that spy safely to the rebel base, but you’ll have to brave a few mis-steps along the way.

Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular

7 Must Do’s at Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios is unique because there are far more entertainment based attractions than most other Disney parks. One such show is The Indian Jones Stunt Spectacular. This show is a favorite amongst Hollywood Studio loyalists, and for good reason!! It’s fun, funny, exciting and you could even be chosen to play a part in the show! Be sure to add this classic attraction to your plans on your next Disney World vacation


7 Must Do’s at Hollywood Studios

Fantasmic! Is the best nighttime show at Disney. Incorporating floats, fire, fireworks, and a huge evil dragon, Mickey himself will take you on an adventure through his imagination. It’s like a combination of Rivers of Light, Main Street Electrical Parade, and Fantasia all wrapped up into one amazing 30 minute show. There are other great nighttime options at Hollywood Studios, but Fantasmic is the best.

Toy Story Midway Mania

7 Must Do’s at Hollywood Studios

Toy Story has found it’s home in Hollywood Studios, and it all started with Midway Mania. The attraction combines a dark ride and video game for the ultimate in family fun. It’s become so popular that Disney has had to expand the building and add an additional track TWICE! There are THREE tracks, no other ride at Disney has 3 tracks. Unfortunately, you will not be able to hold a fastpass for more than 1 attraction in Toy Story Land, at least not for the foreseeable future. But you can certainly rope drop this one to ensure your spot.

What’s your must do at Hollywood Studios?

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  1. Hi Rebecca, great post! Everything looks like so much fun! I’m such a huge Aerosmith fan so I’d love to ride that coaster! My little one would love the Toy Story Slinky Dog Coaster! Dreaming of a Disney vacation!

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