Everything You Need to Know About Pixar Fest

Pixar Fest is in full swing at the Disneyland Resort in California! This limited time special event is unlike anything Disney has done before! We’ve seen festivals, such as Food and Wine or Flower and Garden (Epcot), but not a one-off celebration quite like this. And there is no greater party planner than Disney. Be sure to check out our guide to MaxPass before your trip! Here’s the scoop on what you need to know before you head out to Pixar Fest!

The Food

For me, the most spectacular part of Pixar Fest is the food. Disneyland went all out with a huge selection of meals, snacks, and sweet treats! We’re going to break it down by location, so you know where to get it all.





ALLALLALLFinding Nemo Souvenier Light Up Sippers
ALLALLALLFinding Dory Souvenier Light Up Sippers
DisneylandCritter CountryHungry Bear RestaurantLots-o-Straw-“Bear”-y Funnel Cake
DisneylandCritter CountryPooh CornerGrap Soda Cake Pop
DisneylandCritter CountryPooh CornerNemo Carmel Apples
DisneylandCritter CountryPooh CornerFinding Dory Cake Pops
DisneylandNew Orleans SquareCafé OrleansSpecialty Cheese Flight
DisneylandNew Orleans SquareCafé OrleansShrimp Ratatouille Byaldi
DisneylandNew Orleans SquareCafé OrleansBerry Stuffed Beignets with Marscapone Cheese
DisneylandNew Orleans SquareChurro CartCarrot Cake Churro
DisneylandNew Orleans SquareRoyal Street VerandaPotato Leek Soup
DisneylandFrontierlandGolden HorseshoeWoody’s Root Beer Float
DisneylandFrontierlandRancho del ZocaloSouvenier Coco Jaritas
DisneylandFrontierlandRancho del ZocaloAl Pastor Hurache
DisneylandFrontierlandRancho del ZocaloPot de crème
DisneylandFrontierlandResort CartsCinnamon Pretzel
DisneylandFrontierlandResort CartsCocoa Churro
DisneylandFrontierlandStage Door CaféJessie’s Berry Jubilee Funnel Cake
DisneylandALLPopcorn CartsSully Premium Popcorn Bucket
DisneylandALLResort CartsNemo Cotton Candy
DisneylandALLResort CartsSour Lemon Cotton Candy
DisneylandMain Street USACandy PalaceGrap Soda Cake Pop
DisneylandMain Street USACandy PalaceDug Cake Pop (June 23)
DisneylandMain Street USACandy PalaceRussell Cake Pop (June 23)
DisneylandMain Street USACandy PalaceButtercup Apple (ENDS June 22)
DisneylandMain Street USACandy PalaceAlien Apple (ENDS June 22)
DisneylandMain Street USACappuccino CartFrozen Grape Soda Slush
DisneylandMain Street USACappuccino CartSpecialty Up Doughnuts
DisneylandMain Street USACarnation CaféFried Bologna Sandwhich
DisneylandMain Street USACarnation CaféPork Chop TV Dinner
DisneylandMain Street USAChurro CartMulti-Colored Fruity Churro
DisneylandMain Street USAGibson Girl Ice Cream ParlorSalted Caramel Butter Pecan Sundae
DisneylandMain Street USAJolly Holiday Bakery CaféUp Merit Badge Éclair
DisneylandMain Street USAJolly Holiday Bakery CaféUp Tart Nutella Pastry
DisneylandMain Street USAPlaza InnPixar Fest Celebration Cake
DisneylandMain Street USARefreshment CornerPastrami Dog
DisneylandTommorowlandPizza PlanetAlien Macarons
DisneylandTommorowlandPizza PlanetBlackberry Lime Parfait
DisneylandTommorowlandPizza PlanetGreen Miso Pesto Pasta
DisneylandTommorowlandPizza PlanetCheeseburger Pizza
DisneylandTommorowlandResort CartsLots-o-Straw-“Bear”-y Churro
DCAHollywood BacklotAward WienersFunnel Cake Fries
DCAHollywood BacklotSchmmoziesMint Chip Smoothie
DCAHollywood BacklotSchmmoziesWhoopie Pie
DCAHollywood BacklotSchmmoziesMarshmallow Doughnut
DCABugslandChurro CartDoughnut Coocoa Cereal Churro
DCACarslandCozy Cone MotelHabanero Meatball Cone
DCACarslandCozy Cone MotelChoose Your Racer Churro
DCACarslandCozy Cone MotelChampions Corn Cup
DCACarslandCozy Cone MotelRoad Grael Ice Cream Topping (Cookie Crumbs)
DCAPixar PierBoardwalk Pizza & PasataPixar Fest Celebration Cake
DCAPixar PierCorn Dog CastleHot Link Corn Dog
DCAPixar PierCorn Dog CastlePepper Jack Cheese Corn Dog
DCAPixar PierCorn Dog CastleCajun Chicken Corn Dog with Sweet and Spicy Blackberry Sauce
DCAPixar PierParadise Garden GrillSouvenier Coco Jaritas
DCAPixar PierParadise Garden GrillTres Leches Parfait
DCAPixar PierParadise Garden GrillPixar Fest Celebration Cake
DCAALLQS LocationsMike Wazowski Sipper
DCAALLResort CartsNemo Cotton Candy
DCACarthay CircleTrolley TreatsGrap Soda Cake Pop
DCACarthay CircleTrolley TreatsLightening McQueen Apple (ENDS June 22)
DCACarthay CircleTrolley TreatsTow Mater Apple (ENDS June 22)
DCAPacific WharfCocina Cucamonga Mexican GrillTres Leches Parfait
DCAPacific WharfLucky Fortune CookieColor-Changing Noodles
DCAPacific WharfPacific Wharf CaféMike Wazowski Sourdough Bread
DCAPacific WharfPacific Wharf CaféPixar Fest Celebration Cake
Downtown DisneyDowntown DisneyMarceline’s ConfectioneryGrap Soda Cake Pop
Downtown DisneyDisneyland ResortCandy KitchensMike Wazowski Krispie Treats
Downtown DisneyDisneyland ResortCandy KitchensPixar Ball Cake Pops (ENDS June 22)
Downtown DisneyDisneyland ResortCandy KitchensPixar Carmel Apples (June 23)

The Characters

After you’ve had your fill of all that delicious food, be sure to make time in your day to meet some of your favorite Pixar characters! While many of these characters can be caught roaming the parks, the best  spot to find them is at Pixar Pals in Pixar Pier (Near Paradise Grill). Here’s who’s been spotted so far!

  • Mike & Sully
  • Buzz & Woody
  • Buzz & Jessie
  • Russell & Doug
  • Flik & Princess Atta
  • & Mrs. Incredible
  • Edna Mode
  • Lightening McQueen and Tow-Mater (In Carsland)
    • Keep an eye out for the Cars’ Toystory Makeover at the Carsland Entrance

The Entertainment

A party just isn’t a party without some quality entertainment, and Disney has got it in droves! From nighttime shows to parades, you can see it all!

Together Forever Nighttime Fireworks

Disney parks are famous for their firework displays, and why shouldn’t they? It’s a great way to cap off your day at Disney – with a bang! And the park deliveries once again with Together Forever, a Pixar Nighttime Spectacular. The show incorporates all of the beloved Pixar films and projects your favorite characters right on the castle in Disneyland

Paint the Night Parade

Over at Disney’s California Adventure you can catch the Paint the Night Parade, (aka. Main Street Electrical Parade 2.0). It’s a wonderful nod to the original nighttime parade of Disneyland, updated with groundbreaking technology. I love this parade and while it’s not exclusive to Pixar Fest, it’s still a must for any trip to California Adventure.

Pixar Play Parade

The Pixar Play Parade is a daytime parade that originated at Disney’s California Adventure. It was moved to Disneyland for Pixar Fest, replacing the long-running Soundsational Parade. Floats from Inside Out, Toy Story, Monster’s Inc, and more line Main Street to say hello!

Pixar Pier

And the cherry on top of it all is the opening of Pixar Pier! The re-imagined land will launch the Incredibles themed Incredicoaster and Pixar Pal-A-Round, formerly California Screaming and Mickey’s Fun Wheel. The area opens on June 23rd, along with Lampight Lounge. We’re just a few short weeks away from knowing if our long lost love the Cove Bar was removed in vein.

Around the Parks

There’s even more to check out around the parks, including existing Pixar themed rides and a new monorail wrap featuring characters from Finding Dory and the Incredibles. Be sure to make a stop by Bug’s Land, as it will soon make way for the new Marvel themed land.

  • Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage
  • Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters
  • Toy Story Midway Mania
  • Radiator Racers
  • Tow-Mater’s Jamboree
  • Luigi’s Dancing Buggies
  • Turtle Talk with Crush
  • Heimlich Chew Train
  • Flits Flyers
  • Bugsland rides

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