The Disney Park Bag: What to Bring and Why You Need One

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You’re standing in line for Space Mountain super psyched to ride and already planning your picture pose. Then you realize your phone is dying and you forgot your wallet. And now that pose you’ve been perfecting for the last hour is useless because you can’t buy it and you can’t even take a sneaky picture of the preview screen with your phone! (Not that I would ever condone or recommend you do that, I mean I would never, ever do that) Now rewind and imagine that you not only have your wallet and your phone, but you also have a phone charger, and an entire bag of everything you’ll need for the day.

The Park Bag is one of the best tools to take with you to Disney, and when done correctly will add so much convenience to your day. With a little bit of prior planning you too can pack the perfect bag for an infinitely better Disney Day.

Bag Selection

As you’re reading the rest of this list you may be thinking of the perfect camping backpack with tons of little pockets so that everything can have it’s own place. For the sake of your own sanity and that of everyone in the security line behind you, please don’t bring this as your bag. It sounds like a great idea, but when you are standing there opening every pouch and pocket for the security guard to inspect the contents of you’re going to be kicking yourself. A backpack is a great choice, but keep it simple. Something like this classic JanSport is the best way to go


Who doesn’t like snacks!? As you’re racing around the parks trying to beat the lines and see all the shows you might find you’re a little crunched for time. In fact it may not be until you slow down and are waiting in one of those lines that you or your kids start to feel hungry. Speaking from experience, I can say that stepping out of line for a snack and coming back will earn you some shady looks. I always pack some light snacks that we can munch on while we’re waiting for things, and then we can just stop for real food at a more convenient time. Here’s a list of some of the stuff I like to bring:
Granola Bars
• Fresh stone or citrus fruit (apples, oranges, pears, etc)
Trail Mix
• Cookies
• Fruit Rolls/Fruit Snacks

Water Bottle

I don’t care what part of the world you are visiting Disney in, it gets hot. Especially since you’re going to spend a big chunk of time walking around. Staying hydrated is not only smart it’s safe. Bringing your own water bottle lets you fill up at any water fountain near buy, and you won’t have to worry about paying $5 per bottle. Plus, who doesn’t need a cute Disney water bottle!

In case you don’t think drinking water is that big of a deal, here are the symptoms of heat exhaustion:
• Faintness
• Dizziness
• Fatigue
• Weak, rapid pulse
• Muscle cramps
• Nausea
• Headache
Those are sure to spoil any vacation.

First Aid and Medications

Be sure to pack any prescription medications that you or someone in your party may be taking. These must be in the original prescription container with your or your party member’s name printed. You’ll also want to include some basics such as Advil or Tylenol, Pepto Tabs, Sinus/allergy medication, and Tums. If you have small children, it’s not a bad idea to throw in some band-aids, gauze, or ora-gel. This handy dandy first aid kit is a must have for your park bag!

Antibacterial Gel and Wipes

Is it just me are or does anyone else loathe the feeling of leftover stickiness from funnel cake and cotton candy? Ugh it gives me nightmares. Some people dream of world peace, I dream of a world free of bacteria and grossness. These types of product really come in SO handy, especially if you are with kids. You never know when you’ll have to wipe ice cream off of a little one’s face or the table you’re about to eat off of. Try this 8-pack of travel size antibacterial gels or these convenient handwipes!

Books, Flashcards, Assorted In Line Entertainment

Pretty self-explanatory here guys, these items are used to keep you and your group entertained while you’re waiting in lines. I’ve seen people using their phones or tablets to play games or read, but those batteries are only going to last so long. My favorite in line item is flashcards, either those that start a conversation or those meant for a version of Taboo. Check out this fun Mad Libs gamebook or a classic pack of playing cards. 

Rechargeable Battery Pack

I think the portable rechargeable battery pack is the best invention since the cell phone. In my normal, day-to-day, life my cell phone is almost constantly plugged in – it has to be! I use it for everything from listening to music to taking photos for work and the blog to managing all my social media. You can only imagine how many times my phone dies when I’m at Disney! If I’m not taking pictures, I’m checking fastpasses and wait times, I’m reading reviews about restaurants right up until we order. Even my niece was using my phone to play Pokemon Go while we were in line! (side note: WDW is a GREAT place to play this and it will keep kids entertained for hours). Having a battery pack, that’s charged, with you can be a life saver.

Travel Sized Hairbrush

Roller-coasters are fun and all, but the after pictures will make you look a mess. They do for me anyway. Keeping a hairbrush (or comb if that’s your fancy) will let you quickly freshen up after being tumbled in the back row of Big Thunder Mountain. As long as we’re on the subject, I also bring a little emergency make-up and a mirror. Things like eyeliner, q-tips, and foundation are essential to making sure I can bear to look at all the photos I’m taking.

Was this helpful? What do you bring to the parks to help keep you glued together?

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2 thoughts on “The Disney Park Bag: What to Bring and Why You Need One”

  1. Hey! Love your Disney lists! The only thing I bring in my bag is my battery pack, my poncho, coins for pressed pennies, my water bottle, and pins for trading. I usually just plan out where the first aid station is in the parks so I don’t have to carry that around and normally with us adults we never eat the snacks in our bags! Lol
    Also a good water bottle to have is one that sprays too for those hot Florida days, you can find them at academy 😁

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