Epcot for Kids – The Ultimate Guide

Is Epcot for Kids? That’s the question I’ve been seeing a lot online. Yes, absolutely! There are tons of things to do in Epcot for kids!

This park gets a bad rap because of adult-geared festivals like Food and Wine. The cult classic game, Drinking Around the World, doesn’t help much either.

But, there are still plenty of rides, shows, attractions, and dining to be enjoyed by kids (and kids at heart).

Rides at Epcot for Kids

Rides are at the top of the list for many Disney guests, and Epcot has plenty to go around. Here are a few of the best Rides at Epcot for Kids!

Frozen Ever After

The newest attraction at Epcot has been open for a few years but is still a fan favorite. Frozen is one of the most popular Disney films of all time.

Kids and parents alike have been enthralled since the release date, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a child who doesn’t know every word to “Let it Go”

Seeing the film popularity, Disney ran with it and opened a ride and two shows at their theme parks. (Not to mention the  many meet and greet opportunities)

In the spirit of honesty, I’ll confess: I hate this movie. But…

I love this ride and so did my niece.

This was actually one of her favorite rides, and watching her face light up made it mine too.

Frozen Ever After can be found at the Norway pavilion in World Showcase.

Journey Into Imagination with Figment

If Epcot had a mascot it would be Figment. Journey into Imagination is a cult classic of the park.

Located in Future World and has a complicated history. But all you need to know is that kids LOVE it.

The attraction starts off as a lab tour exploring the five senses but is quickly thrown off course by the intrusions of Figment.

Young kids will adore the purple little dragon, who can change shapes, as well as his bubbly song that rivals Small World’s catchiness.

Slapstick humor is an easy sell for slightly older kids, who will get a kick out of it each time Figment buts in.

The Seas with Nemo & Friends

I still don’t understand who Frozen was a bigger hit in theaters than Finding Nemo.

The Seas with Nemo & Friends is located at The Sea Pavilion in Future World and is a perfect addition to the Epcot for Kids list.

(It’s probably because Finding Nemo doesn’t have any songs.)

You and your family are loaded into an omnimover vehicle (omnimover means the ride does not stop for loading) shaped like a giant seashell. The attraction then takes you through several scenes starring the familiar characters of Finding Nemo.

The real wow factor here is that the characters are projected into a real aquarium. Kids of all ages will be delighted to see Nemo and his pals as well as actual live sea creatures.

After the ride, be sure to explore the rest of The Sea pavilion for Turtle Talk with Crush and more views of the aquarium.

Spaceship Earth

It’s more than just a giant golf ball!

There’s actually a ride in there!

Spaceship Earth makes the list of rides at Epcot for Kids because it’s the quintessential attraction. It is the icon for the park.

This is another omnimover type ride and takes you through scenes throughout the history of language.

Younger kids are entranced by the animatronic characters, while slightly older kids curiosity is peaked by the educational value. (Yes, really!)

Shows and Entertainment at Epcot for Kids

In addition to rides, Epcot has several wonderful shows your kids are bound to love. Find the complete schedule here.

JAMMitos at Future World

Because who hasn’t drummed on a trash can at least once in their life?

A long-running favorite at Epcot is the JAMMitors at Future World. They appear sporadically throughout the day from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

You probably won’t notice them at first, since they blend in as janitors very well. But shortly after their arrival, they’ll begin drumming with trashcans, brooms, and more!

Kids young and old are captivated and quickly start to dance along.

Jeweled Dragon Acrobats

Epcot’s World Showcase offers you the opportunity to take a mini-tour around the world.

You can try food and drinks from many countries, as well as experience traditional types of entertainment.

Of all the pavilions though, China offers one of the best shows.

The Jeweled Dragon Acrobats put on a gravity-defying performance that is sure to grab any child’s full attention.


For a limited time.

Epcot’s crown jewel of entertainment last performance is rumored to be scheduled for late 2019. Which is even more reason to put it on your to-do list.

IllumiNations is the longing running nighttime show closing the park each day. It is a combination of floats and fireworks, all atop the World Showcase Lagoon.

It’s a captivating combination of visual and musical elements highlighting global unity. But it’s also a sure fire win for kids.

Characters at Epcot for Kids

One of best parts of Epcot for Kids however is the characters.


Epcot Character Spot

The easiest way to meet 5 characters at once is the Epcot Character Spot.

Fastpasses for this attraction are available, but not recommended. This attraction is part of Tier 1, along with Test Track and Frozen Ever After (you can only pick one).

The line is usually under 30 minutes, and at the end you get to meet the Fab 5 (Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, Pluto). There’s also a secondary attraction where you can meet a rotating series of current characters. (Joy, Sadness, Baymax, and more!)

World Showcase

That’s where it’s at.

You can catch many (many, many, many) different Disney characters around the pavilions of World Showcase.

Mary Poppins and Alice are in the UK pavilion. Jasmine can be found in Morocco. And Elsa and Anna are waiting for you in Norway.

That’s just the start. You can find a full schedule for characters at Epcot here.

Character Dining

The best princess dining experience is in Epcot at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall. Here your child can meet with Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, Sleeping Beauty, and Ariel.

Garden Grill is another chance to meet some classic Disney characters like Chip ‘n’ Dale.

Reservations for both are highly recommended and available 180 days in advance.

Even More at Epcot for Kids

That was just the of the iceberg! In addition to rides, shows, characters, and restaurants there are also several play grounds, games, and atmosphere experiences.

The Sea Pavilion

As you exit The Seas with Nemo and Friends you’ll enter the Seas Pavilion. Here you’ll find Bruce’s Shark World, a playground themed to the characters of Finding Nemo.

Turtle Talk with Crush, an animated show featuring everyone’s favorite sea creatures. Friends like Crush, Dory, and more come to life on screen and react to audience responses.

And panoramic views of the Seas aquarium filled with stingrays, sharks, dolphins and colorful fish of every shape and size. If you’re feeling especially brave you can book a diving tour and get up close and personal.

Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure

For kids seeking an adventure of their own, there’s Agent P’s World Showcase. Using a smartphone you’ll receive clues to stop Dr. Doofenshmirtz from taking over.

The adventure takes you all around World Showcase where you’ll learn about different cultures. And while you’re there you can check out the Kidcot Fun Stops.

Kidcot Fun Stops

Get your craft on!

Each of the eleven World Showcase pavilions offers a Kidcot Fun Stop where you can collect stamps and souvenir activity cards! Collect them all at these locations:

  • Mexico Pavilion (near Animales Fantasticos)
  • Norway Pavilion (at The Puffin’s Roost)
  • China Pavilion (near the exit of Reflections of China)
  • Germany Pavilion (at Volkunst)
  • Italy Pavilion (outside, near La Bottega Italiana)
  • American Adventure Pavilion (outside, near Heritage Manor Gifts)
  • Japan Pavilion (in the Bijutsu-kan Gallery)
  • Morocco Pavilion (at the Marketplace in the Medina)
  • France Pavilion (at Souvenirs de France)
  • United Kingdom Pavilion (at The Toy Soldier)
  • Canada Pavilion (at the exit of O Canada!)

Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival

And when you’re ready to take a short rest there’s the Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival.

Familiar face will keep you kids enthralled while you kick back and recharge for the rest of the day.

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