Park Bag Essentials for Dapper Day

Because it’s never bad to be prepared, especially at Disney.

I am so excited to finally visit Disney on Dapper Day, intentionally. It’s happened before, but completely by accident and the crowds were so bad we just left.

But this year the Dapper Day Outing at Disneyland is the day after my 30th *cringe* birthday. (Whew, I think that’s the first time I’ve admitted my age in years.) So, rather than celebrating my dirty thirty with drinks and shenigans, I’ll be celebrating with Disney and shenigans. 

Although, let’s be real – drinks will be had.

If you’ve ever been to or thought about attending a Dapper Day Outing at Disney, you probably know that it gets packed. And why not, everyone wants to dress up and everyone likes Disney – so this event is a match made in heaven.

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It takes a bit of planning and preparation, but Dapper Day might just become your favorite un-official Disney event. What’s the most essential prepping element?

Great question! A park bag is an absolute must have any day, but even more so for an event like this.

Picking the Perfect Park Bag for Dapper Day

Normally I recommend a simple backpack with a minimal number of pockets, like the old-school Jansports we all had in 9th grade. They’re perfect because you can fit everything you need, easy to carry while you’re busy snapping pictures or pushing strollers, and you’ll fly through security since you won’t have to unzip and rezip 15 different pockets.

Diaper bags are another great choice, though they’re not quite as easy to carry around unless you are bringing a nice stroller with storage as well. Not recommended.

But there’s more to consider on Dapper Day!

You’ve probably spent weeks, if not months, planning your outfit, hair, and makeup. You love your look and wouldn’t change a thing. So, tossing on a big, bulky, black backpack is certainly not on the agenda.

You might have a clutch or small purse picked up to match your carefully curated costume and it will look perfect in all your Instagram photos. But, they are not going to hold everything you need for a full day at Disney.

There are a few options here to be prepared, comfortable, and absolutely stunning. Make it a short visit to eliminate the need for a bag, bring a bag that’s functional but doesn’t match and set it down for photos, find the perfect bag that’s big enough to pack it all and still stunning.

My recommendation here is still a backpack – just something a bit more stylish. You can check out our Dapper Day Park Bag Recommendations for some inspiration.

What to Pack in Your Park Bag for Dapper Day at Disney

Since Dapper Day is unique and everyone does it a bit different, your results may vary.

If you’re doing a full day in full Dapper dress you’ll want to bring most if not all of these items.

Making it a short visit to showcase your look on Instagram or SnapChat, probably won’t need all of the above.

It will also depend on your budget for the day, if sit down dining is your thing stocking up on snacks is actually a bad idea. You’ll be snacking all day and by the time you arrive at your reservation, you won’t even be hungry anymore.

If you’re not dressing up at all be sure to check out our everyday guide to park bags.

The Pixie Dusted Checklist for Dapper Day Park Bags

  1. Flats
  2. Brush
  3. Hairspray
  4. Oily Face Wipes
  5. Make-up
  6. Finishing Powder
  7. Setting Spray
  8. Snacks, because lines will be horrendous

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