The Ultimate Disney Parks Bucket List

As an avid Disney park goer I have done a lot. I’ve ridden on all the rides, I’ve seen the parades and shows, I’ve tried just about all the snacks. Visiting as often as I do, I have an opportunity to do just about anything in the parks that I want! But there’s still few things to do I haven’t been able to check off. This isn’t a normal Disney bucket list, filled with characters to meet or everything you need to eat. No this is my luxe Disney bucket list, filled with everything I’d love to do if I had endless means to do them.

Dress up for Dapper Day


Dapper Day, if you’re not familiar, happiness twice per year at each US Disney Park with a castle. On these dates those in the know head to the parks dressed in their Sunday bests. When the tradition started participants were intended to dress up as guests would have on opening day of Disneyland. Over the years the concept has changed a bit, but it is generally interpreted as dress to the nines and don’t look back. I accidently stumbled upon a Dapper Day on a trip to Disneyland and it was nothing short of spectacular. The park was packed, the ride lines were insane, and I immediately left. See, when you visit the parks on Dapper Day it’s not your ordinary trip! The goal of the day isn’t to ride it all, it’s to see all the outfits and let everyone see yours (and take tons of instagram pics)! One day I’ll have the foresight and sewing skills to put together my own glorious work of Disney fashion art, but for now I’ll just enjoy the instagram pics.

Finish Drink Around the World


This is a pretty lofty goal, and it’s going to take some unconventional training. Drinking Around the World is a game of sorts played at Epcot. The park is filled with pavilions representing countries from around the world, each offering a culture menu of food and drinks. The goal of the game is to have 1 drink at each pavilion. There are 11 pavilions. I have started the game and got through about 3 stops before calling it a day. I think the best strategy here will be to go with 3-4 people and share the drinks, so until I can find some other willing participates for this team sport it’ll remain on the list.

Stay at Every Disney Resort


I’ve stayed at a few Disney resorts, from value all the way up to deluxe villas. And they’ve all been wonderful! If you think Disney knows how to do a theme park, you’ll be happy to know they do hotels just as well. Maybe better! The thing is, I already found my favorite and I can’t stand to stay anywhere else! But I want to stay in all of them, this one is on the list because I can’t afford a weeklong vacation every week.

Visit Every Disney Park


Disneyland, check. Disney World, check. But there are so many more!! Dinsyeland Paris, Disneyland Shanghai, Toyko Disneyland, and Disneyland Hong Kong. Sure, there are a lot of things in common between the parks. But there are a lot of unique rides, shows, and most importantly SNACKS! Unfortunately though, I’ve yet to even apply for my passport so for the time being this one is staying here.

Book a VIP Tour


If you’ve ever been to Disney on a busy day and seen lines so long they made you regret buying a ticket, you may have looked into a VIP tour. This experience is completely luxe and utterly unnecessary unless you’re Johnny Depp maybe. You and your group will receive your very own tour guide to take you around the parks. The guide knows Disney backwards, forwards, and sideways so they can answer all of your questions and tell you more than you’d ever think you wanted to know. That’s not the best part of course, no the best part is no lines. That’s right, because as a VIP you’ll be pushed past the queues and straight onto your ride. This one’s a bit of out of my budget though, unless I only want to visit for an hour at a time.

Attend Every Disney Park Festival


Disney knows how to have a party, and they are throwing one somewhere nearly every day of the year. Not only are there Christmas and Halloween parties, there’s also the International Festival of the Arts, the International Flower and Garden Festival, and TWO Wine and Food Festivals (because you can never have enough food or wine). I’ve been lucky enough to attend a few, but there’s a still a couple that are just out of reach. While some of these are technically “free,” or included in admission anyway, they still require buying things (like food and drink) to really experience it. For this reason my budget hasn’t allowed me to fully indulge.

Wild Africa Trek


Animal Kingdom has a very special tour all its own. Taking you through the parks animal preserve for a once in a lifetime adventure is the Wild Africa Trek. You’ll get up close and personal with the animals, even crossing a plank bridge just feet about live crocodiles. It sounds like so much fun!! The park’s Kilimanjaro Safari is stunning, so I can’t imagine how amazing a tour like this would truly be. It’s another pricey little add on though, so it’s on the list.

Have Lunch at the Original Club 33


I should really start buying lottery tickets, with all these Disney excursions I’m wanting to do! Particularly if I ever want to step foot into the notorious Club 33.Now, don’t get me wrong if you want to invite me to come with you to any of the Club 33’s being built in Disney World I would be happy to oblige! But, there’s nothing like the original. Club 33 is the private club built by Walt for he and his friends in the middle of Disneyland, and it’s the only place in the park that serves alcohol. Not that that’s the only reason I want to go, but it’s a plus. Membership dues are over $10,000 a year and the waiting list to join is a mile long. Feel free to send me a shout out if you need some company on your next trip to Club 33.

Get a Disney Proposal

Disneyland Paris

Okay let’s be real, my obsession with Disney is probably the exact thing preventing this one. No one wants to marry the crazy Disney girl! Joking! If this isn’t every girls dream then I don’t know what is, but nothing says romance to me like castles and royal couples. I mean, the boyfriend and I are going to Disneyland next week so you never know…

There you have it, that’s my ultimate no limitations whatever I want to do Disney Parks Bucket List. Have you checked one of these off your list or is there something special you’ve always wanted to do? Let me know in the comments!

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