All About Advanced Dining Reservations

Welcome welcome to the Disney Vacation Planning series! The series that takes you through each step of planning your Disney World vacation, and fills you in on everything you need to know. And probably a whole lot more than you ever wanted! 🙂 If you missed an installment, be sure to catch up using one of the main page! This is part 7 of the series, and no one would start reading Harry Potter at chapter 9 rights? What do I know, I started Doctor Who on season 5.

Last week we looked at the Disney Dining Plan, so it only makes sense to follow that up talking about dining reservations. Is your head exploding? Mine did the first time I heard about this. You want me to make a reservation to sit in a restaurant for an hour at Disney?! That’s the wait for Space Mountain! I’d much rather grab a hot do
g and stand in line! I get it, trust me I get it. But, it really is a rewarding experience. Not to mention all of the character meals require reservations (and BTW, that is the BEST way to meet characters).

What is an ADR?

Advanced dining reservations, or ADRs, are reservations like you would make at a nice restaurant outside of Disney. All of the table service restaurants require reservations for your party. Some of the most well-known options, such as Be Our Guest and 1900 Park Fare, fall under this category. Some reservations are harder to get then others, so it is imperative that you reserve your spot as early as possible.

When Can I Make My ADR’s?

You can make your reservation 180 days from your vacation. If you are staying on property, you can book up to 10 days worth of reservations on that day. So if your trip starts on 6/19 and ends on 6/29, you can book all of your reservations beginning on 1/19. This is an amazing advantage, because you essentially get to book those meals 10 days before non-property guests! This can be the difference between dining with the Beast, or snacking on a pretzel.

How Do I Make My Reservations?

Dinning reservations can be made by phone, online, or through the My Disney Experience App. To make your reservation by phone call (407) 939-3463. This line is open weekdays 7am – 11pm, and 7am – 8pm on the weekends. You can also visit and log-in to your trip to schedule your reservations right online.

Which Restaurants Require ADRS?

All of the table service restaurants offer reservations and it is highly recommended. With the crowds at Disney World there is an almost certain chance that you will not be seated without a reservation. You can see a complete list of all the locations that offer reservations by clicking HERE.

Thanks for dropping by, and be sure to look out for next week’s post where we’ll be talking all about FastPass+!!

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