5 Best Underrated Experiences at Epcot

Epcot is arguably the most unique park in all of Disney World. It’s not filled the seams with characters and scenes from movies (not yet at least). No, Epcot was designed as something entirely different. It was meant to be an educational theme park.

Where you can travel the world in a single day, and learn a little something about the universe around you. Things are certainly changing in this park though, and this mission very well may change over the course of the next few years. But for now, we can still enjoy some of the best underrated attractions.

Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure

One of the amazing parts of Epcot is it’s emphasis on kids and discovery. At each country’s pavilion around World Showcase are kid-cot stops, where little ones can participate in an activity indicative of the culture. It’s so unique and one of the most beloved parts of the park.

Lesser known though is Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure. This immersive adventure game takes you all over the park looking for clues to help the famous platypus pet of Phineas and Pherb on his latest mission. It’s an exploitative game that lets you see the park like never before. And a GREAT way to keep busy in between bigger attractions.

O Canada!

Each country pavilion also has it’s own presentation about it’s history and culture. Some are admittedly better, or worse, than others. But O Canada! has got to be my favorite. It’s informative but it’s more entertaining than anything. It stars Martin Short, so you know you can’t go wrong. It’s also an indoor attraction that rarely has a line at all.

Grand Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros

The Small World of Epcot – with a far less beloved song (read: it won’t get stuck in your head for 3 days straight and drive everyone near you crazy). Well, it’s much more than a Small World dupe really. It is a board ride, but it incorporates new technology. Such as animations and screens showcasing different animated segments.

Rumors are rampant that this ride may be taken over by Coco. Though it’s only rumors at this point, it’s worth taking a few minutes form your day to put this on your must-do list. It’s a charming ride that’ll let you kick up your feet for a few minutes.

Journey into Imagination with Figment

Figment is the unofficial mascot for Epcot, a cute purple friendly dragon. He’s also the star of Journey into Imagination, but he wasn’t always. What stands in Epcot today is actually the 3rd iteration of the attraction, after a fan backlash over the original reworking.

It’s a complicated history.

But it’s history worth being a part of! It’s no Test track, but it is a fun story ride filled with Figments, rainbows, and all kinds of other happy. So, it’s definitely worth the brief wait in line.

Living with the Land

This is by far my favorite ride in Epcot – is that weird? Yes, I actually prefer it to the big tier 1 rides.

Living with the land is a boat ride in a remote corner of Epcot known as The Land. It’s actually right next to the entrance to Soarin’, but I’d bet you’ve walked by it a hundred times and not noticed. There’s no Disney characters, and really no story line.

It’s actually a good representation of what Epcot was originally supposed to be. Once you board your boat, you’ll travel through the dusty plains of the U.S. and rainforest jungles. And finally emerge into a massive greenhouse filled with innovative processes and tools to improve agricultural growth. The product grown inside this attraction is actually used to supply Garden Grill. Which is pretty amazing in and of itself. How many times in your life will you watch your food being grown?

Which is your favorite Epcot Attraction?

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