Everything You Need to Know About Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland

It seems like Summer just started, but here we are gearing up for daylight savings time again. (Can we take a minute to appreciate how amazing it is to have sunlight until 8pm. As tired as I am of all this Vegas heat, I’m not ready for 5pm sunsets.)

Halloween is right around the corner, and it’s going to be here before we know it! Especially for us Disney fans, because we know Halloween really starts in September. At least it does at Disneyland.

That’s when all the giant carved pumpkins make their mark all over the Disneyland parks and seasonal favorites come out to play! One of the best parts about Halloween time at Disneyland?

Mickey’s Halloween Party

What is it?

Mickey’s Halloween Party is a separate ticketed event at Disneyland. It’s a fancy way of saying that you can not attend with your normal park ticket or annual pass, you must purchase a separate ticket for the special event. Disneyland park does close early for the Halloween Party. If you are not in possession of a special event ticket on a party day, you will need to leave the park much earlier than normal. However, you can still enjoy California Adventure at no additional cost.

When is it?

Disneyland’s Halloween Party takes place on select nights in September and October.

How Much Does it Cost?

Mickey’s Halloween Party is a 5 hour event, starting at either 6pm or 7pm depending on the date. Your ticket allows you admission into Disneyland park 3 hours prior to the official start time. Tickets start at $95 per person and go up to as high as $130 per person. However, most nights have an average cost of $115 per person.

Tickets WILL sell out, so purchase yours or contact your travel agent (or me!) ASAP if you would like to attend.

What’s the Big Deal

Now that all that FAQ stuff is out of the way, we can get to the good stuff. Why in world would anyone pay another $100 per person on top of a day-time ticket for a 5 hour event?!? I know, it sounds crazy – but it’s totally worth it.

Fewer Crowds

Since this is a limited ticket event, there are far less guests in the park than an average evening. Now, that’s not to say that the park is empty. There is still a fair number of guests in attendance. But, you’ll have no trouble getting onto your favorite attractions.

Trick or Treating

We are celebrating Halloween after all, and what’s Halloween without some candy! Disney does not disappoint with an elaborate series of trick or treating trails. I’d go just for this, but then there’s so much more!

Exclusive Shows

Disney does a great job of celebrating holidays all year round, though they definitely kick it up a notch for the end of the year. There is so many things to see and do in the parks each day, at no additional cost. In fact, you can find out more about those offerings in this article – and even get a free (and super fun) bingo scavenger hunt game.

But there’s even more to enjoy inside this exclusive event. Including a parade lead by the headless horseman and a screamtactular fireworks show you can’t catch any other time.

Rare Characters

My personal favorite part about Mickey’s Halloween party is the appearance of many rare characters. Like all the villains from Ursula to Maleficent and even Dr Facilier. The evil doers take over Main Street and  turn it into Villains square.

You’ll also have the opportunity to catch the classic characters in Halloween garb and everyone’s favorite Santa Clause impersonator – Jack Skellington. In fact, Jack’s brought Sally along too!

With the new Character locator feature in the Disneyland app, the event is sure to be better than ever. You can easily track down everyone on your autograph list.

Real, Actual Costumes

You. Can. Wear. Costumes!!!! This part is so exciting. Disney, normally, has a rule that no one over the age of 12 is allowed to enter the park wearing a costume. That’s actually how Disneybounding came to be. In lieu of a costume guests used color blocking techniques to mimic the palette of their favorite character. it’s a lot of fun in it’s own right, but…

it all changes at the Halloween Party.

Everyone can wear costumes!! There are some important rules you need to adhere to, for your own safety as well as others, but nothing too restrictive. So get creative and show off your Disney side!

Halloween Party Costume Rules

  • No weapons, or pretend weapons
  • No masks
  • Must be family friendly
  • You can dress as a character – but you cannot sign autographs or pose for photos
  • Nothing that drags  on the ground

Are You Heading Out For Halloween?

Let us know below if you’re headed to Disneyland for Mickey’s Halloween Party! And be sure to tag @ThePixieDustedPlanner when you do, to show off your spectacular costume!

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