Jollywood Nights: You’re Guide to Disney World’s Newest Holiday Event

It’s the event of the holiday season, or at least one of them. At a time of year when spending money is unavoidable and there are festivals, parties, and events everywhere (except Disneyland), Disney World chose to give us a second holiday party. And let’s be honest, we’re totally excited for it.

Will it be worth the cost? Will there be enough time to see everything? Will thousands of people be dressed to the nines, sweating through their holiday best in the 80-degree Florida heat? No one knows, and Disney isn’t telling us much. (Well, that last one is a given). But it’s Christmas at Disney and I’ve got high hopes.

We’ll be there for the first party on November 11, 2023! So be sure to follow us on Instagram and YouTube to be the first to find out what this event is all about.

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