Disney Just Dropped Concept Art for an Avatar Land at Disneyland

Well, this wasn’t on our bingo cards for today. Disney Parks just released concept art for the rumored Avatar land coming to Disneyland Resort. And it looks awesome.

A majestic view of the iconic floating mountains of Pandora at Disneyland, set against a clear blue sky. The immense detail of the rock formations and the intertwining vines create a feeling of grandeur and magic, with park guests visible at the base, adding scale to the scene.

Rumors began swirling in 2023 after Disney CEO Bob Iger announced that an “Avatar Experience” would be coming to the Southern California resort. Would it be a temporary walkthrough, a show, a ride, could they even place a new land?

A photo capturing the vibrant and immersive environment of Pandora at Disneyland. Lush alien vegetation surrounds an intricately textured, oversized alien plant resembling a pineapple, creating a sense of being in an otherworldly rainforest.

And it got even more confusing in November at IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions) slipped up by stating the new experience would take over Blue Sky Cellar in California Adventure. Disney backtracked saying it was a mistake.

Interior image of the queue area for the Avatar Flight of Passage ride at Disneyland, featuring a large mural with a Na'vi riding a banshee. The walls are adorned with native art and glowing symbols, evoking the mystical connection between the Na'vi and their environment.

Which brings us to today, when the Disney Parks blog released concept art for the potential Disneyland Avatar Land.

A vibrant and detailed concept art piece for an Avatar-themed land at Disneyland, showcasing a panoramic view of Pandora's rich ecosystem. Visitors are seen wandering amidst the incredible floating mountains, with lush vegetation and water features creating a serene atmosphere.

In the image we see a large lake surrounded by rugged mountain ranges. The scenery seems to be inspired by the second Avatar film, Way of Water, as indicated by the island like pieces of land floating in the water.

Concept art of a serene water-themed area inspired by Avatar's 'Way of Water' at Disneyland. The art features tranquil waters, gentle waterfalls, and lush flora, with pathways inviting guests to explore the calming and beautiful aquatic aspects of Pandora.

No details have been released about what to expect, so it’s anyone’s guess what type of attractions and experiences are in store. Looking at the right-hand side of the art we see what appears to be two boats travelling through the lake. It looks like they may journey under the bridges that are present. Waterfalls on either side of the mountain range could indicate a transition to a show room within.

Concept art of an Avatar-themed boat ride at Disneyland. Guests are seen enjoying a tranquil journey through a lush, alien landscape with towering willow-like structures and cascading waterfalls. Bioluminescent flora and exotic fauna hint at the immersive experience of the alien world of Pandora.

Could we be getting a second river ride similar to Na’vi River Journey? Stay tuned for updates as we continue to learn more!c

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