Halloween Time at Disneyland Starts Sooner Than Ever This Year

If you’ve been waiting to book a Halloween trip to Disneyland this year, like I have, then we’ve got something you’ll want to hear.

A statue of the Headless Horseman on a rearing horse, located in California Adventure, decorated for Halloween with trees and buildings in the background.

Halloween at Disneyland begins on August 23rd, 2024! That’s right, Halloween is starting sooner than ever and we’re here for it.

Spooky season has grown in popularity in the last few years, so it’s no surprise that Disney is jumping on board. After all Disney World’s Not So Scary Halloween Party has started in August, since 2019! And they’ve got nothing on Disneyland’s festivities.

It might seem too early to some, to dawn a silly costume and sneaking candy from that giant bag you bought on sale to “save for the trick-or-treaters” (same). But it gives guests like you and me an even better opportunity to check it all out.

Check out our full Guide to Halloween Time at Disneyland, and let us know in the comments – is August too early to celebrate Halloween?

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