Best Quick Service in Epcot

One of the best attractions at Epcot is the food. Epcot is really unique, because it has World Showcase which is filled with mini areas themed after a collection of countries. If you are a fan of cultural cuisine, you absolutely need to make time in your trip to eat around the world at Epcot

Katsura Grill

Katsura - Best Quick Service in Epcot

Where it’s at: World Showcase – Japan

On the Menu: Japanese Cuisine

Gotta Get: Chicken Teriyaki

Why we Love it: It could be our affectionate affliction with Japanese food, but it’s more likely that this quick service location is just down right de’lish. All of your favorite Japanese dishes are available, including a selection of sushi.

Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe

Kringla Bakeri - Best Quick Service in Epcot

Where it’s at: World Showcase – Norway

On the Menu: Norwegian Cuisine

Gotta Get: School Bread

Why we Love it: Norwegian food is hearty and so different than any other type of cuisine. The School Bread at Kringla Bakei Og Kafe has garnered its own cult following, and for good reason. There’s also a ton of other yummy pastries and the very noteworthy Norwegian Club with 2 cheeses and 3 meats. You’ll definitely be full when you’re done here.

Tangierine Café

Tangierine Cafe - Best Quick Service in Epcot

Where it’s at: World Showcase – Morocco

On the Menu: Mediterranean

Gotta Get: Shawarma Lamb Platter

Why we Love it: We’ve NEVER seen Mediterranean cuisine in a theme park before, and we’re so glad Disney did it.  Schawarma is always a good choice, and it’s rare to find lamb shawarma outside of an authentic restaurant. We also LOVE the hummus and Tabouleh, well the whole vegetable platter really.

La Cantina de San Angel

La Cantina de San Angel - Best Quick Service in Epcot

Where it’s at: World Showcase – Mexico

On the Menu: Mexican

Gotta Get: Pollo Cascabel

Why we Love it: I’m more than sort of obsessed with Mexican food, can I help it though? It’s in my SoCal roots! La Cantina de San Angel gets it right, with much more than just ground beef tacos and nachos. No, no – this quick service location goes all in. And the Pollo Cascabel is the delicious reward.

Lotus Blossom Café

Lotus Blossom Cafe - Best Quick Service in Epcot

Where it’s at: World Showcase – China

On the Menu: Chinese

Gotta Get: Orange Chicken & Egg Rolls

Why we Love it: You can never go wrong with orange chicken, even the pickiest eater I know simply cannot resist. There’s a good assortment of dishes as well including shrimp, beef, and vegetarian dishes. The beef noodles are worth mentioning and certainly worth a try.

Final Thoughts

Epcot is a food lover’s mecca at Disney World, there’s just so much! I could spend an entire day at Epcot just trying all the dishes in world showcase. It’s hard to narrow them down, but this is our list of the top 5 quick service locations in Epcot.

What’s on your list?

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