7 Must Do’s at Animal Kingdom

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park has been growing in popularity ever since the mere mention of an Avatar themed land. Now that this popular part of the park is open, people are coming around to what die-hard Disney fanatics have been saying all along: it’s so much more than a zoo! And it’s so much more than a half day park! Here’s our list of the 7 must do’s at Animal Kingdom.

Flight of Passage

Pandora – The World of Avatar is hands down the most beautiful and immersive area inside of any Disney park. Light of Passage somehow takes the land even further. The concept is similar to Soarin’ Around the World but is executed so much better. Using 3D technology and independently moving single person ride vehicles, you will truly feel as though you are flying through the skies atop your very own banshee. You will need a FastPass for this ride, though if you don’t mind a 3 hour wait the queue is also a thrill.

Kilimanjaro Safari


Before FoP Kilimanjaro Safari was the Animal Kingdom’s crowning Jewel. This ride still manages to garner one of the longest lines in the park, even competing with the new additions. Board your touring vehicle and take an adventure through the African Savannah. On your trip you’ll see lions, zebras, hippos, and more! Many of the animals are free to roam within the attraction, outside of enclosures, and will come right up to the car. Or in some cases even cause a traffic jam crossing the road! No needs to fear though, any predators are safely secured in their environments.

Expedition Everest


If you like fast thrills, unexpected twists, and a good story Expedition Everest is the Animal Kingdom attraction for you! The story begins in the queue as you enter the temple of the Forbidden Mountain and walk by exhibits of proof that the Yeti really exists. By the time you make your way to the loading dock, you’ll be wondering if Disney knows the truth! Once aboard your exploration vehicle you will race through the Forbidden Mountain and encounter the Yeti for yourself. Hold on to your hats because this is a high thrill attraction!

Awakening of the Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is the park icon for Animal Kingdom, but many don’t know you can actually walk right up to it. The hand-carved sculpture is beloved by many and can be seen from just about anywhere in the park. Now, with projection mapping techniques, Disney is shaking things up. The new evening show, Awakening of the Tree of Life, is an attention grabbing and spectacle where the Tree’s inhabitants come to life.

Festival of the Lion King

For some reason Animal Kingdom tends to be the hottest park in the Disney World property. It’s gotten better over the years, as the trees and foliage grew in, but when you are in need of a break from the heat there is nothing quite like central air. Of course, that’s not the only reason you should add Festival of the Lion King to your trip itinerary. This Broadway caliber show is absolutely stunning. From beautiful costumes, to fantastic floats, and amazing animatronics it is absolutely a must do!

Kali River Rapids

Yet another infamous attraction in Animal Kingdom is Kali River Rapids, because what’s a theme park without a water ride!? This thrilling ride, located in Asia, is a soaker. Caution: you will get wet.

Rivers of Light

Animal Kingdom’s first ever nighttime show debuted last year, 2017, after much anticipation. The opening date was pushed back numerous times to ensure all of the many components were working correctly. The show itself is gorgeous, but the technology utilized is mind boggling. Self steering floats that project video on water screens and shoot pyrotechnics while navigating Animal Kingdom’s huge lagoon, are just the beginning. Rivers of Light is at the top of our must do list for Animal Kingdom.

What’s your must do at Animal Kingdom?

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  1. Such a great list!! Kilimanjaro Safari is a must do for us every time we go but I’m dying to get a fast pass for Flight of Passage soon! Thanks for sharing!

    Bethany Wilson |http://www.mycaffeinatedchaos.com

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