How to Beat the Post Disney Blues

Do you suffer from Post Disney Vacation Disorder? Symptoms include checking Disney Park wait times, day dreaming of laying by a Disney pool, exploring job and house listings in Florida, and debating if you really need a car or could sell it to finance your next trip. If this sounds like you, you might be suffering from PDVD. While there is no cure, there is treatment.

Relive the Rides on YouTube

YouTube is such a magical place. You can find videos of nearly anything you could imagine, including basically every ride from every Disney park around the world. There are also tons of great channels that take go-pros to the park everyday so you can follow along! Bless these beautiful people. Here’s some of my favorites!




Bring the Disney Magic Home

Disney is a money making machine, there’s no nice way to put it. The company will put a mouse on just about anything to make another dollar. Which is great! Because that means we can fill our homes and lives with all the Disney things!! Here’s a few guides to help you find your Disney style!


Okay, this one could be frowned upon in some settings. Your employer probably doesn’t want you coming into work with  green sequin leggings and a purple bikini top. But, you can make it classy too!  Here’s some great resources to build your next bound.


I refuse to believe that scrapbooking is dead, in fact I think it’s having a renaissance! Creating a scrapbook is a labor of love; it takes up way to much of your time but it is so much more than just a photo album.  You’ll remember the fun and adventure behind each picture as you put together each page. If you’re up to the task, here’s a few places to spark your inspiration.

Write About It!

If you’re really looking for a way to fill your time between trips with more Disney, you can always start your own blog! That’s what I did, and now it’s become my full time job! Writing is so unbelievably rewarding. Sharing your knowledge with the rest of the world is one of the best feelings. Since there is so much Disney and so much changing every day, there’s always room for a few more fans. Head on over to Babes in Blogland for my A-Z  guide on starting your own blog!

Have a Disney Movie Marathon

In between visits home there’s no harm in binging all the Disney movies you can get your hands on. From classics like Snow White to new Disney Channel originals like Zombies (which is really good by the way), reconnect with the stories that started it all. You can rent a lot of these from Amazon, catch them on Netflix, or join the Disney Movie Club to get great deals and rack up points towards your next vacation!

Get Artsy

Disney art is an entire sub-culture on the internet. From Tumbler, to Reddit, to Deviant Art, and everything in between, there is plenty to go around. Whether you’re a collector, creator, or spectator check out these artsy resources!

How do you beat the Post Disney Vacation Blues?

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