7 Must Dos in the Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom is the most magical place on earth! It’s also one of the most popular Disney parks, and for good reason! Home to some of the most iconic Disney attractions, the Magic Kingdom offers plenty for everyone. So much so even, that you can’t possibly see it all in just one day!

You could easily spend 3 days or more in just this one park, and still not see it all – let alone try all the delicious fare. With so much to see, it’s hard to decide where to start! There’s where the Pixie Dusted Planner has got you covered! Here’s our top 7 Must Do’s for the Magic Kingdom!

Space Mountain

No trip to the Magic Kingdom could be complete without a ride on Space Mountain. This classic attraction, which resides in tomorrowland, opened in 1975 and is one of the most popular rides in the dark. As the first indoor rollercoaster, it certainly gives guests a thrill to speed past stars along twists and turns all in complete darkness.

Splash Mountain

The perfect ride for a hot Florida day, Splash Mountain is another must do in the Magic Kingdom! Based on the nearly impossible to find Disney Movie Song of the South, this attraction takes you through the briar patch to the laughing place. Only to find that the laughing place is no more, before plummeting down the largest mountain in the park!

Peter Pan

As a cult classic, most people either LOVE this ride or wonder how there is ever even a line. But Peter Pan remains popular as one of the Magic Kingdom’s most beloved attractions. The dark ride takes you through London and into Neverland as you take a trip straight from the story. Even if slower rides aren’t really your thing, everyone should ride Peter Pan at least once!

Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion has spurred a significant following for itself as well, spurring the creation of endless merchandise (and our FAVORITE Dooney & Burke Bag). This thrilling dark ride takes you through the manor to meet 999 spirits that haunt the house. One of the few attractions to have been replicated at nearly every Disney resort around the globe, the technology behind the special effects was groundbreaking – and still mighty impressive today. Stop by and say high, just be careful a spirit doesn’t follow you home….

Small World

Yes, the song will get stuck in your head. But just give it a chance! It’s a Small World originally opened at the World’s fair, before being moved to Disneyland where the original now resides. The attraction was replicated for the Magic Kingdom, as well as several other Disney parks, due to it’s iconic soundtrack and classic appeal. The attention to detail on this ride is what truly makes it a must do. Home to thousands of animatronics, Small World manages to remain operational more than most any ride in Disney World – certainly more than a certain new ride with another animatronic we won’t mention.

Festival of Fantasy

Disney does showmanship, and they do it better than anyone. This holds true beyond the rides with their shows and parades as well. The Festival of Fantasy parade is a prime example, with characters from all your favorite stories, floats that feel like make believe, and even a fire breathing dragon! Stake out your spot and enjoy some lunch while you watch the magic move down Main Street.

Happily Ever After

For the longest time, Wishes reigned supreme as the Magic Kingdom’s nighttime fireworks spectacular. But just last year Disney premiered it’s successor, Happily Ever After. Of course the best way to end a Disney Day is with a nighttime show,  but Happily Ever After is unlike anything else. Incorporating fireworks, projection mapping, and a soundtrack worthy of hitting repeat this show is the perfect way to cap off your night at the Magic Kingdom.

What’s your #1 must do at the Magic Kingdom?

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