Penguin Ornament DIY

Yes, it’s still early. No, I don’t care.

In fact, right now I’ve got Halloween decorations in the front yard and a Christmas tree in the living room. Ya, I’m one of those crazy people.

My favorite part of Christmas are the decorations and my ever-changing themed Christmas trees are part of our family’s tradition. I’ve done gold trees, black and purple trees, white trees, steampunk Alice in Wonderland and SO many more!

They’re always gorgeous and fit to impress, but it takes a lot of time. About half of the ornaments are usually hand-made. Which means I have to start pretty early in the season.

It also means I have enough Christmas Ornaments to decorate half the neighborhood, at least.

I won’t be revealing the theme for this year just yet, but I’m so over the moon in love with these little buggers I couldn’t help but share.

Tips + Tricks for Crafting

  • You could make your life a LOT easier by purchasing black glass ornaments and painting on the white
  • Keep ornaments in the tray as you paint the front to keep them stable
  • Paint in stages; do all the noses, then all the bows, etc


  • White glass ornaments
  • Orange craft paint
  • Black craft paint
  • Light lavender craft paint
  • A small paint brush

Mark the Features

Use your index finger as a guide to mark where the features of your penguin will be.

Place the tip of your finger on the top of the ornament, near the cap where a hook will be attached. Mark with a dot of orange on the ornament where the first joint in your finger lays.

Marks with a black dot where the second joint of your finger lays. Place your finger on the orange dot, so that it wraps around the side of the ornament.

Again, mark with a black dot where the second joint of your finger lays. Repeat in the opposite direction, and then again in both directions for the lower black dot.

Painting the Face

Using the orange dot as the apex of the shape, create an orange diamond for the penguin’s nose.

Just below that, using the 1st dot as the center paint a black bowtie. First, paint a small square, then two inward facing triangles.

Starting at the top of the nose and moving right, draw the top half of a 3 using the side dot as a guide. Repeat on the left side using a backward shaped 3.

Create the penguin’s front wings by painting to slanted oval shapes, using the remaining side dots to mark the top of each. They don’t have to be perfect! You’re just trying to create the appearance of a tuxedo.

Completing the Project

Continue the half 3 shaped lines to closely outline the wings, leaving a small portion of white in between, and connect them on the bottom of the ornament.

You’ve now created the outline for the penguin’s body. Use black paint to fill in the outline extending up to the cap and all the way around the back of the ornament.

It may take 2-3 coats of black to create an opaque surface, but the paint dries fast.

Lastly, add some character by painting an eyelid shape within the white section of the 3’s. (Basically the shape of a wooden door in a castle). Then apply some winged liner to your penguin’s face using the black paint.

Voila! Penguins!

So, What’s the Theme?

I’m takng guessing! Drop what you think in the comments, and see if you’ve got it correct.

I’ll be showing you a few more ornament DIY’s over the coming weeks, leading up to the big reveal!

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