Is this the Best Bar at Disneyland? Oga’s Cantina in Galaxy’s Edge

Disneyland isn’t exactly known for it’s bars. In fact, until recently, the only bar inside Disneyland park was Club 33. But all that changed with the opening of Galaxy’s Edge in 2019.

The Unique Atmosphere of Oga’s Cantina

If you’ve ever wanted to rub elbows with Jedi or The Rebellion, Oga’s is where you’ll want to go. Walking in feels like stepping right into one of the Star Wars films. Right down to your host using the force to open the door.

Interior view of Oga's Cantina showing a mechanical bar setup with various droid parts and distillery tubes, serving exotic drinks to guests.

Once inside you’ll be ‘seated’ in one of several areas.


A cozy booth inside Oga's Cantina with a brown tufted leather seat and a circular table illuminated by blue lights, set against a rugged stone wall with a reserved sign.

Surrounding the perimeter of the room are several booths. Each booth sits 4-6 guests with a large table placed in the center. This is the only area where you will actually be seated, all other areas are standing.

Because booths are the only actual seats in Oga’s, they can be hard to come by. Generally these are only available to parties of 4 or more, with a dining reservation. But it never hurts to ask.

At the Bar

My absolute favorite place to be at Oga’s Cantina is the bar. You get prime access to the bartender, being able to watch them make the many colorful drinks on the menu.

A bartender in a dark costume preparing drinks at Oga's Cantina with glowing bottles and sci-fi decor in the background.

The bar itself is lit with underlighting which gives it a mysterious ambiance. There are no chairs or stools, so guests are expected to stand. Your group will be placed next to other guests, but it’s still a fairly private experience.

Group Tables

If you do not have a reservation and join the walk-up wait list, you’ll most likely be sat at a group table. These are located around the room between the booths and bar, and fit up to 8 people.

Group tables are social. If you have less than 6 people in your group, you will be placed at the table with another group. It’s a great way to meet folks and make new friends, but it can be a bit awkward if you’re not prepared for it.


A colorful scene inside Oga's Cantina with DJ R3X, a robot DJ, entertaining guests with music amidst a backdrop of vibrant purple lights and rustic decor.

Right across from the bar you’ll catch DJ R3X spinning up a storm on the stereo. Star Tours fans may recognize R3X from the attraction in Tomorrowland where he piloted until the early 2000’s.

Throughout Oga’s cantina there are pipes, tubes, creatures, and pennants that transport you to this galaxy far far away.

Reservations and Entry

Are you ready to get your groove on at Oga’s Cantina? While you don’t need a dining reservation, we definitely recommend one.

Guests are able to make an advanced dining reservation up to 60 days in advance with a valid credit card. Having an ADR means you’ll get to visit at the time you’ve selected, with little to no wait. You’re also more likely to be seated at a booth or the bar.

Exterior shot of Oga's Cantina at Disneyland showcasing its rustic, rounded building with mechanical details and a tall spire against a clear blue sky.

Don’t worry if you’re not able to snag the reservation you want, though. The walk-up wait list is available throughout most days at the Disneyland park. To join the Oga’s Cantina wait list you’ll need to be near the entrance.

Then open your Disneyland app, navigate to Oga’s Cantina, and click ‘Join Walk-up List.’ The app will send you a notification, and text message, when it’s time to return for your table. In our experience, there is normally still a waiting period once you return. This could be 15 minutes to an hour, so don’t get discouraged!

Time Limit and Minimums

Oga’s Cantina is one of the most popular attractions at Disneyland, and one of the only bars. Because so many guests want the chance to enjoy it, and to limit the amount of alcoholic drinks guests can consume, there is a limit of 45 minutes per party.

Don’t worry though! If you aren’t able to try everything you wanted to in that time, you can always order a drink to-go. In fact, you may see lots of guests pop-in just to get a drink to go! A reservation, or walk-up list spot, are still required.

Dining and Drinks

The highlight of Oga’s Cantina is undoubtedly its drink menu, which features an array of beverages designed to taste as good as they look. The Fuzzy Tauntaun is a must-try! This peach vodka-based drink is not only delicious but comes with a “fuzzy” twist, thanks to a foam topping that numbs the lips, creating a unique drinking experience.

For Star Wars fans, the Blue Bantha is another standout choice. This blue milk-based drink, which first made its appearance in “A New Hope,” is served chilled with a cookie topping, making it a perfect treat for visitors of all ages. Those looking for something with a bit more kick might opt for the Bespin Fizz, a bubbling cocktail with yuzu and rum, encapsulated in a cloud of dry ice to mimic the cloudy vistas of Bespin itself.

Not Just Drinks: Snacks and More

A vibrant turquoise cocktail with ice, served on an orange coaster branded with Oga's Cantina logo, in a dimly lit bar setting.

Contrary to what some might think, Oga’s Cantina isn’t solely about drinks. The menu also includes a selection of snacks that are perfect for sharing with your party. The Batuu Bits is a popular choice—a mix of crispy galaxy snack bits with flavorful dips, ideal for nibbling on as you soak in the cantina’s lively atmosphere.

Souvenirs and Extras

While you may not find any merch branded with the Cantina’s name, there’s always a good souvenir option.

Detailed image of a brightly colored coaster featuring a fearsome red creature wielding a blaster, set on a table under ambient lighting in Oga's Cantina.

A rotating collection of Star Wars themed tiki mugs, included a Porg mug, are available with drink purchase. And the Rancor Beer Flight comes in a commemorative serving tray and match rancor horn glasses.

Is Oga’s Cantina Worth the Visit in Disneyland?

Oga’s Cantina is a must do for any Star Wars fan. By far, it is the most immersive dining experience that you will find at Disneyland resort, where you can truly step into a galaxy far far away.

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