Best Quick Service Dining at Magic Kingdom

It’s no secret that one of our favorite things about Disney is the food. From classy fare to the junk food that dreams are made of, and everything in between. If you haven’t made a trip to Disney just for the food, you haven’t lived! But with so many options – how do you know where to start?! Well, not to worry! We’ve got you covered. Here’s our top picks for Quick Service Dining at the Magic Kingdom.

Be Our Guest (Breakfast & Lunch)

Where it’s at: New Fantasyland

On the Menu: Americanized French Inspired Cuisine

Gotta Get: Braised Pork Ribs and The Grey Stuff (Cupcake)

Why We Love it: The theming in Be Our Guest is ages beyond that of any other restaurant in the park. It’s like eating in the movie. This is also a great Breakfast reservation, as you can get in the park early and gain a head start at hitting 7 Dwarves Mine Train for Rope Drop

Gaston’s Tavern

Where it’s at: New Fantasy Land

On the Menu: Sandwiches and Snacks

Gotta Get: LeFou’s Brew

Why We Love it: Again, the theming is out of this world! But the wait is considerably less than that for Be Our Guest. This spot is perfect for a light lunch.

Sleepy Hollow

Where it’s at: Liberty Square

On the Menu: Large Portion Snacks

Gotta Get: Sweet and Spicy Chicken Waffle Sandwich

Why We Love it: Who knew you could do so much with waffles?!

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe

Where it’s at: Frontierland

On the Menu: Southwest/Meixcan Inspired

Gotta Get: Beef Nachos

Why We Love it: Pecos Bill’s feature a self-serve fixin’s bar with every topping you can imagine. We like the nachos, because you can dress them up and have plenty to share!

The Friar’s Nook

Where it’s at: Fantasyland

On the Menu: Loaded Tots

Gotta Get: Anything

Why We Love it: Tater Tots are already about the best possible way to eat potatoes, but when you top them like nachos – oh baby! You can get them Buffalo style, Nacho style, or Greek style. Yum!

Casey’s Corner

Where it’s at: Main Street U.S.A.

On the Menu: Hot Dogs

Gotta Get: Macaroni & Cheese All Beef Foot Long Hot Dog

Why We Love it: You can never go wrong with hot dogs, and Casey’s Corner gives you lots of options. The Mac & Cheese dog is our favorite, but you can’t go wrong with any of these options.

Where’s your favorite place to grab a bite in the Magic Kingdom?

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