Best Baby and Toddler Tips for Disney Parks

To Disney or not to Disney? That’s the question most of us find ourselves asking when it comes to small children. Should we take them to a Disney Park if they’re not even going to remember it? Well the short answer is, yes.

You absolutely can, and should, take your child to Disney at any age you want!

True fact: Kids under 3 get in for free. So, why wouldn’t you bring them along? The child may not remember it, but you will. Everyone that embarks on the vacation with you will remember too. And trust me, there is nothing quite like the magic of your child’s face lighting up when they meet they’re favorite character. Not to mention the oh so cute photos you’re about to have.

Of course, a Disney trip with a toddler or infant is going to be different than an adults only trip. There are many things you have to consider when it comes to bringing along you’re little one. No need to worry though, because we’ve got the info you need.


First and foremost, let’s talk about safety. A trip to Disney can be a ton of fun, and it should be. But there are literally tens of thousands people inside each of the parks. It’s hot. And if you’re not careful it can be a recipe for disaster. So, don’t take these tips lightly as they could make a world of difference.

Take a Picture Each Morning

It seems like a no brainer that you would take a fabulous family photo at the park entrance first thing! But, it’s also easy to see the line for that photo op and change your mind. Taking a photo first thing in the morning, whether it’s at the hotel, park, or even on the bus, can make a big difference if your child gets lost.

Yes, even the little kids can stray – especially if they catch a glimpse of Mickey. Having a photo ensures that you can provide an accurate description of your child’s outfit. Even if you think you have the best memory and could never forget what you put them in this morning. Once you’re in crisis mode it’s easy to forget little things like the color of their shirt. So take a photo.

And if your child changes clothing for any reason, because they’re kids and they spill stuff and spit up, take a new picture.

Give Your Kid a Tattoo

The next thing you should do, is get your kid some ink. Literally. Grab a Sharpie and write your cell number on their arm. Then, use a liquid bandage product to make sure the ink stays in place and doesn’t wash off in the water rides.

In the event your child sneaks away, they won’t have to try and remember how to contact you. Disney Cast members are trained to take all lost children to a specified location at the front of the park. From there they can use a phone to contact you, if they know the number.

Make an Emergency Plan

Losing a child in any situation is one of the most terrifying experiences I can imagine. But, it is a real possibility. Especially in a crowded Disney park, filled with countless things that grab your little guys attention. The tips above will absolutely help you to connect with your child should this happen.

But it’s equally important to teach your child what to do in this situation. Let them know to find an employee ASAP. They can go into a store and find someone who works behind the counter, or look for someone in a uniform with a name tag. The trouble here is that there are many different uniforms at Disney.

My family has always taught the littles to find someone behind a counter, but tailor your plan to your child to make sure they understand.


Whew, that was way too serious for a Disney post. With safety solutions in place, we’re going to talk a bit about keeping everyone comfortable.

Take a Break

Disney is exhausting enough as it is, but even more so when you are caring for a toddler or baby at the same time. You’re not just worried about reservations, but also keeping the baby safe and satiated.

That’s why you need to plan on taking some kind of break. Maybe that just means you sit down and have a table service lunch, or catch an indoor show. Or maybe you prefer to head back to your hotel and rest for a while. There are several great places around all the parks where you can sit in the shade, enjoy a snack or people watch, and allow a little one to take a nap in a stroller.

Many moms say their best strategy is to arrive at the parks earlier, take a long afternoon break, and head back for evening shows or magic hours.

Baby Care Centers

Each Disney park has at least one Baby Care Center. It’s an indoor, air conditioned area where you can take a break or take care of duty away from the park hub-ub. They offer a reasonable selection of baby essentials (albeit overpriced), as well as rocking chairs, and privacy for diaper changing and breastfeeding.

Stroller Selection

There are a few considerations when picking your ideal stroller for a Disney park. If your child is small enough to fit comfortably in an umbrella style stroller, I highly recommend one. This is for one major reason, they’re easy to quickly fold and set up. When you are moving on and off buses and through park security all day, you’ll thank me. You don’t want to be holding your child the entire time you’re waiting for a bus to arrive, and once it stops you have to hustle to hop on.

For larger children, this isn’t the ideal solution. You want to invest in a quality stroller, that they will feel comfortable in all day. There are tons of great companies in the Orlando area that offer stroller rentals, and will deliver them straight to your hotel. A recent trend are Keenz, which is more of a stroller wagon hybrid. They’re great to hold your child, and all your stuff, and have a shaded canopy.

Diaper (Bag) Duty

Packing a park bag is an art form, and a diaper bag is no different. There are the usual suspects you’ll want to include; diapers, wet wipes, rash cream, etc. But here are a few more you may not have thought of

  • Change of clothes
  • Large zip-loc bags (to hold dirty/wet clothes)
  • Sunscreen
  • Anti-bacterial spray
  • Snacks (for both children and adults)


Of course, the #1 reason you are taking your child to a Disney park is for the experience. You want them to meet their favorite characters, go for a spin on their first ride, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Free Character Dining

Children under 3 eat free at buffets around Disney World. This is fan-freaking-tastic because most of the buffets are character meals. That means you can knock out 3-5 meet & greets in a single meal, and your child eats for free. That is one heck of a hack.

Disney Firsts

A little known secret at Disney World is the First Haircut Package on Main Street in Magic Kingdom. You can watch your little guy, or girl, get their locks clipped for the first time right in the middle of the magic. They’ll receive a Mickey hat and certificate as a souvenir as well.

Rider Swap

Okay, this one is for you! While there are many rides and attractions that you can take your tykes on at Disney Parks (Check out our list for Disney World and Disneyland). They’re not going to be able to ride everything. But you might still want to get a high flying experience on some of the big kid rides.

Enter Rider Swap.

With Rider Swap 1 adult can enter the attraction of choice, either via standby or Fastpass, and ask for a swap pass. Once they’ve ridden the attraction they can hand that pass over to another adult, who can then go straight to the front of the line. Keep in mind, that if the first adult uses a FastPass, the second will need to have one as well.

What are your favorite tips and tricks to doing Disney with a little one?

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