Ultimate Guide to California Adventure Food and Wine Festival

Have you ever dreamed of a place where the enchanting world of Disney meets the exquisite culture of food and wine?

A vivid purple banner emblazoned with the Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival logo stands out, featuring the dates Mar 3 - Apr 25, 2023, along with iconic Disney and festival imagery. This graphic symbolizes the festive spirit and the gastronomic delights awaiting visitors, inviting them to indulge in the annual celebration of food, wine, and entertainment.

Look no further! Disney’s California Adventure Food and Wine Festival is a culinary haven. Set in the vibrant atmosphere it’s a perfect blend of Disney magic and culinary excellence.

This annual event invites guests to explore flavors from around the globe, all within the iconic setting of the park.

Whether you’re a foodie, a wine aficionado, or just in love with Disney, this event promises an array of experiences to delight all your senses. So, let’s dive into what makes the Food and Wine Festival a must-visit event!

A feast for the senses awaits at Disney's California Adventure Food and Wine Festival, as depicted by this photo featuring two tantalizing dishes served on eco-friendly paper boats, resting atop a festival-themed table. The fresh taco, bursting with mango salsa, and a sumptuous mac 'n' cheese topped with seasoned beef and guacamole, embody the festival's spirit of creative and delicious food offerings.

The festival is not just about food and wine; it’s a celebration of culture, creativity, and community.

What is the California Adventure Food and Wine Festival?

Disney’s Food and Wine at California Adventure park is an annual event available to all park guests. The year the event takes place from March 1, 2024 to April 22, 2024.

DCA’s Food and Wine takes place in the park and is included with your regular park ticket. However, some activities as well as food and beverages will incur an additional fee.

Sip and Savor Pass

California Adventure’s festivals are a bit different from what you might find at Epcot. They’re a bit smaller and offer the Sip and Savor pass.

A close-up of a guest's hand holding a Sip and Savor Pass at Disney's California Adventure Food and Wine Festival, with the iconic Disney logo and the festival's name emblazoned in bold letters. The pass, valid from March 3 to April 25, 2023, promises a delightful journey through culinary treats, excluding alcoholic beverages, at one of the park's most anticipated annual events.

The Sip and Savor pass is available at select locations throughout the park and allows you to pre-pay for festival treats. The pass can be purchased for $59 and entitles you to 8 food or non-alcoholic beverage options around the festival.

It’s a great way to keep to a budget, and can be shared between members of your group. You can also get some extra value, by only using the tabs for items that are $7.50 or more. Using Sip and Savor tabs on less expensive items could end up costing you money.

Purchase Locations

Find the Sip and Savor pass at these participating locations:

  • Sip and Savor Cart
  • Elias & Co.
  • Julius Katz & Sons
  • Rushin’ River Outfitters
  • Seaside Souvenirs
  • Festival Merchandise

Participating Locations

Every booth at the DCA Food and Wine Festival will accept tabs from the Sip and Savor pass. You can also use the pass for festival items (only) at selection locations around the Disneyland resort:

Under the clear blue sky of Disney's California Adventure, guests interact at the 'Peppers Cali-ente' food booth, part of the Food and Wine Festival offerings. The booth's vibrant sign, adorned with flames, hints at the spicy and flavorful dishes served, making it a hot spot for festival-goers looking to add a kick to their culinary adventure.
  • Award Wieners
  • Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta
  • Cappuccino Cart
  • Churros at Hollywood Land
  • Churros at Pixar Pier
  • Churros near Goofy’s Sky School
  • Clarabelle’s Hand-Scooped Ice Cream
  • Cocina Cucamonga Mexican Grill
  • Festival Cart
  • Hollywood Lounge
  • Lamplight Lounge
  • Mendocino Terrace
  • Paradise Beer Garden
  • Paradise Garden Grill
  • Pym Test Kitchen
  • Smokejumpers Grill
  • Sonoma Terrace
  • Studio Catering Co.
  • Willie’s Churros

Festival Marketplaces at California Adventure Food and Wine Festival

The main star of the show, of course, are the Festival Marketplaces. Scattered around the California Adventure park, each booth offers you a short trip to enjoy a new culture! From the LA Street Style to Earth Eats, there is something for everyone.

The 'LA Style' festival marketplace kiosk at Disney's California Adventure Food and Wine Festival entices visitors with a menu featuring Glazed BBQ Pork Belly and Impossible™ Gyro-Inspired Naan, showcased in vivid, mouthwatering images. Set against the bustling backdrop of the park, the kiosk also advertises the Echo Park Cooler, a refreshing non-alcoholic beverage option for guests to enjoy.

Each booth offers exciting dishes, in appetizer sized portions. Allowing you to try lots!

This year there are 10 Festival Marketplace booths! Check out the full California Adventure Food and Wine Menus!

  • Earth Eats – New!
  • LA Style
  • Golden Dreams
  • Nuts About Cheese
  • Uncork California
  • D-Lish
  • Garlic Kissed
  • Peppers CAli-Ente
  • California Craft Brews
  • Cluck A Doodle Moo

Festival Offerings Around the Resort

The very best thing about festivals at California Adventure, is that they don’t stop at the gate! While the marquee booths and some experiences are only available inside the park…

A banner proudly displayed at Disney's California Adventure announces the Food & Wine Festival, dated from March 3 to April 25. The striking banner features bold, elegant typography against a dark backdrop with a glimpse of colorful grapes, setting the tone for a sophisticated yet festive culinary experience that captures the essence of Californian flavors and the magic of Disney.

There is so much more in Downtown Disney and beyond. Many dining locations offer specialty items as part of the event. And several of the seminars and demonstrations are actually outside of California Adventure.

Meaning you may not even need to purchase a park ticket to experience the Food and Wine Festival.

California Adventure Food and Wine Festival Special Activities

California Adventure’s Food and Wine Festival is so much more than Festival Marketplace Booths! Between seminars, tastings, and a special attraction overlay – there’s something for everyone

 visitor's perspective of holding a flight of four craft beers from the California Craft Brews booth at Disney's California Adventure Food and Wine Festival. The sampling tray, with descriptions of each flavorful beer, is set against the iconic backdrop of the park's ferris wheel and roller coaster under a clear blue sky, capturing the essence of a relaxed and enjoyable festival experience.

Soarin’ Over California

Quite possibly the best attraction overlay ever is the annual return of Soarin’ Over California. This original, opening day, attraction at California Adventures was first duplicated at Epcot before both versions were revived as Soarin’ Around the World in 2016.

While the newer version is rich with computer generated renderings – it’s nothing like the original. Soarin’ Over California was shot on real cameras in the real world and features famous landscapes all over California. From the beaches of Laguna Hills, to the Torrey Pines Golf Course, and who can forget the Orange Groves?

Seminars, Tastings, and Demonstrations

In addition to eating all of the food and drinking all of the wine around DCA – there are educational seminars and tastings throughout the resort.

The Carthay Circle Winemaker Reception will teach you all about wine pairings, and help you to experience the array of flavors in each glass.

For those who prefer to taste a variety of samples, both wine and beer tastings from select California breweries are available at Sonoma Terrace Beverage Education and Tasting Seminars.

"In this dynamic scene from Disney's California Adventure Food and Wine Festival, the whimsical character Chef Goofy is greeting guests with a backdrop of culinary delights. Decked out in his chef's hat and checkered pants, he stands ready to welcome festival-goers to a day filled with gastronomic pleasures and lively entertainment, perfectly capturing the spirit of this beloved event.
Special characters, like Chef Goofy, come out to say hi at DCA Food and Wine

And if you like to get in on the action yourself, check out Trader Sam’s Cocktail Mixology!

Culinary events such as A Walk on Silverado Trail or A Gastronomic Journey match specialty plates with seasonal premium drinks, to make for an elegant (and romantic) meal.

What are you most excited to experience?

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