How to Handle Un-Enthused Vacation Party Members

It’s hard to imagine that anyone could be anything less than ecstatic thinking about a Disney vacation. Unfortunately, though, there seems to be just such a person in nearly every trip. It never fails.

Maybe they didn’t get enough chocolate as a child, or  maybe the world has simply jaded them. Either way, having an un-enthused or even un-willing participant in your Disney vacation party can put a damper on things. The smaller the group, the more profound the impact

Who Are These People?

Maybe you are one of those lucky people that have no idea what I’m talking about. Everyone you ever meet LOVES Disney parks and family vacations. Lol – ya, okaay. There’s a lot of different types of negative Nancy’s out there, but these are the 3 most common.

The Significant Other Who Doesn’t Get it

Raise your hand if your husband, boyfriend, wife, girlfriend, or otherwise deemed significant other has rolled their eyes when you suggested a trip to Disney. We still love them, of course, but wouldn’t life be easier if they understood our obsession let alone were willing to indulge us?

Family Who Think It’s Just Disney

Then there’s the family members that think you’ve lost your mind planning a trip. On my family’s first Disney World trip I earned several nicknames because of my planning. I had spreadsheets, day planners, and notebooks filled with information. Not everyone understands the intricacies of a big trip like this. There’s a LOT to keep track of.

Kids Who Ask for Harry Potter

I love video clips of Disney surprise trip reveals. Usually the kids are overwhelmed with joy, they even cry sometimes because they’re just so happy. But, then there are videos where the kid gets excited because they got a watch! Only to be sorely disappointed when informed the device is actually a Magic Band. Talk about deflating the Disney balloon.

Or worse, they spend the trip asking to see characters or ride rides that are in other themeparks. Ugh – well at least you know for next time right?

How the Heck Do You Deal With it?

It’s frustrating and honestly a little bit depressing trying to plan a vacation with someone who isn’t interested. You’re pumped! Excited to start researching the latest rides, scoping out the snacks you want to try, and shopping for more Minnie Ears than you’ll even have time to wear. Then, out of nowhere you here it “don’t you want to vacation anywhere else?” ummmmmmm….No.

Honestly, it broke my heart the first time this happened to me. It was a boyfriend, who I’d been dating for a few months. I wanted to make the trip, but I was really worried I’d never want to bring him again if he couldn’t get interested. What’s a girl to do?! Then it was a sister who had absolutely no interest in the big family trip I was planning for us all. There’s always 1 Debbie Downer.

So, here’s some of the tricks I’ve used to help get everyone on board and maybe even convert them to the dark side.

I mean Disney side. Ya, right – that’s what I mean.

Talk About It

Crazy as it might sound, there are people in the world who have never entertained the notion of a Disney park trip. It’s not necessarily that they won’t enjoy it, they’ve just never done it. That was the case with my boyfriend, he had been to Disney World once 13 years before we met and never thought about it again. When I mentioned a day trip to Disneyland he agreed, but every time I asked his thoughts on something related he said “whatever you want babe.”

One day I got so annoyed that he had agreed to go but wouldn’t participate in planning that I had to say something, so I do. I asked why he was so indifferent, did he even want to go? I explained what the trip meant to me and why I was such an avid fan and park goer.

After that, he tried to be more involved and even, after 4+ years together now, knows the difference between Disneyland and Disney World. He even knows which rides are in which parks. It may not be a big deal to all, but once I explained my stance he was happy to be involved with something that made me happy.

Not Everyone Is Happy the Same Way

I learnt something in that conversation with my boyfriend. Just because he wasn’t breaking out the spreadsheets or making matching shirts didn’t mean he didn’t want to go. Not everyone jumps for joy and not everyone is interested in the planning. Some folks can be excited and still be able to talk about other stuff. I’m totally not one of those people (hence this site), but that doesn’t mean my way is the only way.

Educate Themselves

This one pertains more to kids than adults, but it could make for a fun date idea to. Help some of your friends or family to get excited by rekindling some of the Disney magic. How? Watch some movies of course! That’s where it started, after all.

With all the new properties being added to Disney parks, there is literally something for everyone. There’s super heroes, Star Wars, princesses, cowboys, talking animals, and – well you  probably get the idea. Once the youngin’s in  your group remember their favorite characters, they’ll be stoked at the idea of meeting them in person.

Show Them What They’re Getting Into

People think that Disney is just for kids. And it’s not, it’s for everyone. There’s quite a few rides that kids cannot even ride on. Help the fuddy duddies in your group get to know the grown up side of Disney with videos of the big kid rides. YouTube is FILLED with POV videos of rides at all of the parks. Just be sure you show them rides from the parks you’re going to, or you could end up with disappointment.

Know When to Let it Go

Not everyone is a Disney person, and try as you might you may not be able to show them the light. It’s okay, variety is the spice of life. Once you’ve explained your position, accepted they may express their excitement differently, and shown them some of the best parts of a trip – know when to let it go. If you feel like your experience is going to hampered by the presence of a nay-sayer, consider a new trip buddy (if you can).

That’s not always possible though, so if there’s nothing elese

Enjoy Your Trip Your Way

Haters are gonna hate, and if it’s your significant other or your child or other family it’s a buzzkill. But there is a silver lining, you can plan the trip however you want. Stop worrying about what attractions will change their mind, or which character will thaw their heart.

Get FastPasses for the rides that YOU love and stand in line for the characters YOU want to meet.

Don’t let someone else rain on your parade.

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