Great Ways to Keep Entertained in Line

A  trip to any Disney park is guaranteed to be a blast. How could it not be, when you’re surrounded by pixie dust? There’s characters to meet, treats to eat, and lines for miles! – wait what?

Lines?! Ugh.

One of the most common complaints about Disney parks are the lines for attractions. You’re already paying a pretty price to enter the park, so finding you’ll have to wait an hour for some of the most popular attractions – well, it’s probably not quite what you were expecting.

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Worse yet, little ones may not understand and can get easily frustrated with the experience. But, with a little creativity and pre-planning you won’t have to worry ’bout a thing. Be sure to check out all my best tips for avoiding lines here, but first here’s our top tips for keeping entertained in line.

Printable Games

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to keep yourself, and everyone else, entertained in lines is with park printables. What the heck is a printable, you might be wondering. It’s an activity sheet you can find through various resources online that you’re able to download and print, often for free!

There’s about a bazillion different options out there, that you can find with a quick search! There are coloring pages, word searches, mazes, and many, many more types. You can also save yourself that search by following my board Disney Printables. You can search through my curated library of printables and catch all the new ones that I find!

Scavenger Hunt

A very specific type of printable that has been gaining popularity are scavenger hunts. There are free ones, like my FREE Halloween and Christmas Bingo Scavenger Hunts, as well as paid versions. Some of these are simple and ask you to find specific characters or apparel items on guests. Others are much more involved, like this paid Disney Parks Scavenger Hunt (here’s my review). Of course there is also the option to make your very own! It takes a little bit of work, but you can theme it to fit your party’s favorite characters, lands, snacks – whatever!

Battery Pack

In everyday life I loathe cellphone video games. They’re utterly addicting and it drives me crazy to meet up with people, who then can’t stop playing their games. Ugh.

But it’s a life saver at Disney. There’s tons of great games available, including a new AR game that takes place in the parks. You’ll definitely want to grab a battery pack to recharge your phone, if this is the route you’re planning to go. And be sure to check out more great tips for Prepping Your Phone for Disney.

Trivia Books

One of my favorite ways to keep my group entertained is with Disney trivia. I feel like I know a ton of stuff about Disney, but always end up learning something new. It creates a new way to experience the parks. The Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World is the best since it is organized by ride. You can easily flip to the page about the ride you’re waiting for, and learn tons of new information.

Unfortunately there isn’t anything quite like it for Disneyland, but Who Knew is a great option.

Conversation Starters

My other favorite in-line activity is conversation starters. These are cards with thought provoking questions on them that ignite conversation. Often they include “would you rather”s or “what would you do?” type questions. Some are serious and some are light-hearted. The brand I like best is Table Topics, they have so many different versions! You can also find a few homemade versions themed for Disney specifically on Pinterest. Unfortunately though, there isn’t a big fat pack of Disney conversation cards yet. (note to self, make this!)

Mad Libs and Activity Books

Of course, there’s always the old road trip stand by’s; Mad Libs and Activity books. You can stock up on these at dollar stores usually. And since they’re cheap you can just throw them away when you’re done or keep them for scrapbooking! How cute would it be to look back at the Mad Libs your kids completed at Disney when they were little?

How do you keep your group busy when you’re facing long attraction lines?

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