How to Be Chosen as the Rebel Spy on Star Tours

Have you ever been on Star Tours at Disney Parks? It’s a ride that takes you through the galaxy of Star Wars. Every trip is a new adventure, and you never know where you’ll end up. But there’s a twist that makes it even more exciting. One lucky rider becomes the rebel spy, the hero of the journey.

So, how does one get picked for this special role? Everyone wants to know. It seems random, but maybe there are tips to increase your chances. Imagine the thrill of seeing yourself as the spy on the big screen! That’s what we’re here to figure out.

In this post, we’ll dig into how the rebel spy is chosen. We’ll also cover some of the most asked questions about the ride. If you love Star Wars or just enjoy a good theme park adventure, stick around. We might just help you become the next rebel spy on your visit to Star Tours.

What is the Star Tours Rebel Spy?

When you buckle up for Star Tours, you’re not just a passenger; you’re part of the action. But one person gets an extra special role: the rebel spy. This isn’t something you sign up for; it’s a surprise, chosen as the ride starts. The rebel spy is the center of the story, helping the rebels on their mission.

You might wonder, what makes being the rebel spy so special? For starters, it’s a unique experience. Only one person is picked each ride. If it’s you, your face is displayed for all to see as the character helping the rebels escape. It’s a moment of fame in a galaxy far, far away. Plus, it’s a fun story to tell friends and family.

Being chosen adds a layer of excitement to the Star Tours adventure. It makes your ride experience different from the rest. Everyone wants to be chosen, but there’s no clear way to guarantee it. Or is there? In the next section, we’ll explore how spies are picked and share some tips you might try on your next visit.

How is the Rebel Spy Selected?

When it comes be chosen as the Rebel Spy, you need to understand how someone gets picked. There’s plenty of theories out there from complete randomization to which seat you have.

But the truth is that the rebel spy is selected by the cast member operating the ride. Yup! Between when guests are being seated and the ride beginning, a group photo is taken. a CM nearby reviews each guest and looks for standouts.

How fun would it be to make guests dream come true all day – color me jealous! Now there are some criteria when it comes to selecting the spy, so these are our best tips

Sit Still Facing Forward

The face of the rebel spy is projected onto the ride screen for everyone in your vehicle to see. And with Disney’s high standards for quality – they can’t use a picture that isn’t perfect.

So, to avoid a picture that’s blurry or just shows the top of your head while your stowing your items below the seat. Face the screen and try not to move around too much.

Craft an Amazing Face for the Cast Members

As long as the photo is clear and the guest is facing front – the cast member can choose whoever they want. So give them a bit of entertainment, make it impossible for them not to notice you – in a good way.

Making subtle silly faces seems to work best. Anything too over the top and you won’t get picked. But a grumpy face, or a dis-interested face, someone who looks super enthused – these are the type that get chosen.

Celebration Buttons

If you’ve ever been to Disney for a special occasion you might know the magic of the celebration buttons. They’re big, colorful buttons filled out by cast members that you can grab at various locations around the Disney parks and resorts.

You can a generic button that says “I’m celebrating” and the cast member will write in whatever you ask. But it’s the specialized buttons like “Happily Ever After” for weddings and anniversaries or “Happy Birthday” for, you guessed it, birthdays. Wearing one of these at the parks are pure Pixie Dust.

Cast members want to make your day special. They want to celebrate along with you. So, if you’ve got a button display it proud on Star Tours for an even better chance to be the rebel spy.

Ask a Cast Member

Sometimes the best way to get what you want is just to ask for it. Don’t be afraid to ask a nearby cast member how to be selected, or if you can be selected.

There’s certainly no guarantee that they can make it happen, but the worst they can tell you is “no!”

Best Tricks to Ride Star Tours The Adventure Continues

Star Tours opened at 1987 in Disneyland, and 1989 in Hollywood Studios at Disney World. But nearly 40 years later (literally, how?) it’s still a major attraction in the Disney parks. With wait times often between 45 and 90 minutes.

And with new adventures debuting at the attraction, the queue will be longer than ever. Here are our favorite tricks to minimize the wait and maximize the experience.


Located just past the main entrance to Tomorrowland, across from Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters. Star Tours is especially popular at Disneyland with consistent wait times throughout the day. We’ve found the best times to ride are before noon and after 8:00pm.

Star Tours is on the Genie+ system and Lightening Lanes are commonly available to book until 6:00pm. Though that will give you a return window between 8:00pm and 9:00pm, cutting it pretty close.

Hollywood Studios

It’s a little bit easier to skip the line for Star Tours at Hollywood Studios. The longest waits occur during late morning and early afternoon. Your best bets for standby are before 10:00am, during rope drop, or after 2:00pm.

Lightening Lanes are usually available to book through 6:00pm, but again this will give you a late return time. Hollywood Studios is home to some of the most thrilling attractions at Disney World – as well as some of the longest lines. We’d recommend prioritizing more of the headliner attractions for Lightening Lanes and using the Star Tours Standby line in the mid afternoon. We’ve got a full guide to Genie+ at Hollywood Studios for more information.

Are you ready to be the next Star Tours Rebel Spy?

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