The Grown-Up Guide to Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Anyone who says that Disney is just for kids, has clearly never been to Hollywood Studios. That’s because it’s home to some of the biggest, best, and most popular attractions in Disney World.

Hollywood Studios has seen a lot of changes in the past few years. First we lost the Backlot Studio Tour than the Great Movie Ride! But what we got in their places – pure perfection. Let’s take a look at all there is to do in this high speed park – grown up style.

This is not a guide for families or anyone visiting with small kids. No, we’re planning a day just for the grown ups. With all the big-kid attractions, foods, and beverages any kid-at-heart could dream of.


It’s no secret that Hollywood Studios may not be for the faint of heart. While it has far fewer attractions than Magic Kingdom, they pack far more of a punch. Strap in for these high-flying thrills.

Rockin’ Rollercoaster Featuring Areosmith

Thrill seekers look no further! Rockin’ Rollercoaster is an indoor rollercoaster, where you’ll take a stretch limo to meet Areosmith backstage for a show. The ride boasts not 1, not 2, but thee inversions including a corkscrew. It is a fast launch coaster that immediately throws guests into the first inversion, kicking things off with a big bang!

A towering red electric guitar with the logo 'Rock 'n' Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith' on its body, set against a dusk sky painted with soft pink and blue clouds, alongside tropical palm trees at Disney's Hollywood Studios

With a 48” height requirement, major drops, and total darkness – it’s definitely for the grown-ups in the group. Thank goodness for the single-rider queue so you can break away from a group to take this one on, if not everyone’s quite ready for it.

Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

As an opening day attraction, Twilight Zone Tower of Terror has been around for a while. And it’s for a good reason, this ride is awesome. The immersive theming plops you right into a turn of the century luxury resort built in the Hollywood hills. Until something went wrong and, well now the elevators don’t behave quite like they should.

Close-up of the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at twilight, its sign brightly lit with neon letters, set against a vibrant sunset sky with hues of pink and orange, and silhouette of palm trees.

This free-fall drop attraction raises you high above the park, providing you with a picturesque view. Only to send your cart dropping down all 13 stories of the Hollywood Hills Hotel.

Fun Facts – You’re actually not falling on Tower of Terror. Imagineers wanted to capture real thrills and decided the drop needed to be faster than gravity. The elevator carts are actually pulled back down to the ground.

Rise of the Resistance

Disney’s newest and most innovative ride in the United States, Rise of the Resistance is no joke. The dark ride takes you into the world of Star Wars like nothing before. There may not be big drops, or loops that send you upside down – but there are stormtroopers. Lots and lots of Stormtroopers.

On-ride point-of-view inside Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, showing an animatronic character in a resistance uniform working controls with a backdrop of screens and buttons, giving a first-person perspective of the attraction.

Rise of the Resistance is completely kid friendly, and perfect for even the youngest Star Wars fans. But the long line and nearly necessary Individual Lightening Lane means it could be a tough wait.

Slinky Dog Dash

Nestled in the middle of Toy Story Land, Slinky Dog Dash is a classic coaster. You won’t find any inversions here, but there are some big hills with steep slopes that might catch you off guard.

Brightly colored Slinky Dog Dash roller coaster in action with a smiling Slinky Dog leading the train over a red track, surrounded by whimsical decorations and a clear blue sky.

With a 36” heigh requirement it’s not limited to just big kids, but could be a bit scary for littles. The epic hangtime during the first hill makes it a must do for adults too. It does get bust throughout the day, so consider purchasing Genie+ to ensure you spot in line.


Hollywood Studios is mid-tier when it comes to Disney dining. It’s far better than the lackluster options found in Magic Kingdom, but couldn’t hold a candle to Disney World’s food court; Epcot.

You’ll find a quality mix of quick service, table service, and even character dining here. And a few of these options are great for a grown-ups only day away at the parks.

The Hollywood Brown Derby

Whether you’re dropping in unexpectedly to the lounge, or managed to snag a coveted reservation – The Hollywood Brown Derby is a classy choice. An expansive menu including filet mingnon, halibut, and even a plant based option (yay!) are available to both the quick service and table service sides of this location.

Entrance to The Hollywood Brown Derby at Disney's Hollywood Studios, featuring its iconic red awning with elegant script, an old-Hollywood style façade, and a vintage lamppost.

These meals are pricey, though, with the average entree costing more than $30. Yes, they do have a kids meal (including mac and cheese). But with price tags like this it’s a bit of a splurge. Not to mention the wide array of top-shelf liquors and wine, The Hollywood Brown Derby is best reserved for an adult adventure

Baseline Tap House

Yes, most of the grown-up guide dining recommendations do center around drinks. And that’s where Baseline Tap House fits in perfectly. This cozy quick service **location is situated just across from Muppet’s 3D and is one of our favorite spots for a mid-day break.

Sunset view at Disney's Hollywood Studios, featuring pastel-colored skies with silhouettes of palm trees and the park's entrance signage, creating a serene and picturesque evening atmosphere.

While there are a few quality snacks, we strongly emphasize the beer and beverage menu here. The tap list changes pretty frequently, so even if you’ve been here before it’s worth checking out again.

Pro tip: Non-alcoholic drinks get free refills! Order the Hibiscus Soda or Strawberry Lemonade to take advantage of this deal.

Oga’s Cantina

Our final food and beverage choice for a grown up day at Hollywood Studios has to be Oga’s Cantina. It’s literally a dream come true for us millennials who grew up with the original trilogy. You feel like you’re walking into the films when you enter Oga’s Cantina.

Plus, drinks!

Interior of Oga's Cantina with DJ R-3X, an animatronic droid DJ with glowing eyes, spinning tunes on a futuristic DJ console with ambient purple lighting enhancing the otherworldly vibe.

Oga’s has one of the most extensive, and creative, cocktail menus at Disney World. There are specialty items such as the Jedi Mind Trick and the Fuzzy Tauntaun – which will make your lips and tongue numb. You can also order a few snacks here to help absorb everything.

Something that shocked us during our first Oga’s visit though, is that you will be placed at a shared table. And that could be a seated or standing table. This happens with or without a reservation, unless you’re with a large party, so be prepared to get to know your neighbors.

Exciting Entertainment

It wouldn’t be a day at Hollywood Studios without a few shows to round out the experience. This is still an adults day though – so we’re not talking about the Disney Jr. Dance Party. These are action packed options with a storyline.

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular

Entrance to the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular! at Disney's Hollywood Studios, with a rustic wooden sign featuring Indiana Jones, set against a bright blue sky with lush greenery around.

Hands down one of the best productions in Disney World. The Indy Stunt Spectacular is packed with bombastic thrills and performances. Hold on to your hats if you’ve never watched this one before, it will have you on the edge of your seat – with a fiery finale.

Inside the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular arena, capturing the ancient temple-themed set with dramatic stage lighting and seating for the audience in the shadows.

Pro Tip: Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular is food and drink friendly. So you can bring your coffee, cocktail, or churro along to the show!

Beauty and the Beast Live! Onstage

Is it explicitly ‘grown-up,’ no. Beauty and the Beast is family friendly and fun for everyone. But if you’re reading this list – chances are you lived through the Disney Renaissance too. And that comes with a need for nostalgia.

So feed that nostalgia with a Broadway worthy stage show, starring your favorite Disney couple. While the show is popular seats should be available up until the performance start.


At the end of the day, when you’re wishing you had packed more Advil, kick up your feet with a treat at Fantasmic!

The thirty minute show features Mickey Mouse as he battles the villains of his nightmares. Hollywood Studios version of Fantasmic! is often overshadowed by it’s Disneyland counterpart, but it’s truly a standout on it’s own.

With a character filled steamboat and special appearance by Maleficent herself. Everyone should experience this nighttime show, and round out a full day (grown-up or not) at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

What are your favorite things to do at DHS?

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