Is Animal Actually Getting a New Land? Models for Tropical Americas Previewed by Disney Imagineers

It’s been nearly 4 years since Primeval Whirl closed and left a prehistoric sized hole in Dinoland U.S.A – and our hearts. While plans for the are were less than concrete at the time, Disney is starting to paint a pretty clear picture.

D23 Announcement

There were a lot of potential park updates shared by Josh D’Amaro at last year’s D23 Expo in Orlando. But Disney made it very clear at the time, that it was just that – potential.

Aerial view of the lush Tropical Americas concept for Animal Kingdom showcasing an Indiana Jones-styled pyramid, vibrant landscaping, and activity-filled paths.

The Imagineering team shared concept art for multiple new lands in Magic Kingdom. Including a Villains themed area, which had many of us literally jumping for joy.

It was beyond exciting to hear about so many new attractions that could be coming to the parks. But, nothing was confirmed or guaranteed. We all collectively crossed our fingers and held our breath, but no one knew if any of this was going to happen.

Tropical Americas at Animal Kingdom

Detailed segment of Disney's Tropical Americas concept art focusing on tranquil pathways and authentic South American flora, reflecting the magical essence of Encanto.

Among those D23 Expo updates was an announcement about a Dinoland U.S.A retheming. A much neglected area of the Animal Kingdom park that is clearly in need of attention.

Indiana Jones Attraction

During the presentation Disney heavily implied that Indiana Jones may be coming to Dinoland U.S.A taking over what is currently Dinosaur. Fans and guests of the Disney resorts have speculated for a long time that this could happen, as both attractions share the same ride system.


While discussing plans to retheme the Dinoland area, the offstage band at D23 started playing “We Don’t Talk About Bruno.” This seemingly suggested that Encanto may be incorporated into these new plans.

And onstage Josh D’Amaro suggested “maybe something to do with a casita?” Again hinting at what could be happening, without really confirming anything.

New Models of Tropical Americas Land

model of the Tropical Americas zone, featuring a Casita-like structure amidst palm trees, showcasing potential Encanto attractions at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

That brings us back to today, when Disney released a reel on Instagram showcasing several models that could be used in the new Tropical Americas land at Animal Kingdom.

Monochromatic scale model of a temple entrance, possibly a nod to Indiana Jones' adventures, for the proposed retheme at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

In the clip we see an Imagineering team on location in South America studying culture and exploring the environment that inspired both of these films.

We also get to see several models of scenes from Encanto.

Frontal perspective of a scale model detailing an attraction building in the new Tropical Americas expansion, reminiscent of Encanto's magical home.
Is that the casita I see?

Disney has still yet to confirm the retheming or what new attractions, characters, and dining could be coming. This year’s D23 is right around the corner though, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed a bit longer for something concrete.

Model of a potential entrance walkway in Tropical Americas, capturing the grandeur and immersive experience expected from the latest Disney Animal Kingdom expansion.

Check out the Disney Imagineering reel:

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