Disney Parks Scavenger Hunt Review

There’s so much that I love about my job as a Disney blogger. But I think one of my favorites is all the wonderful people I’ve met and been able to exchange ideas with. It’s so exciting to see different perspectives on so many things and watch creativity blossom.

Products are one of the expressions of that creativity, and I LOVE finding great new passion projects in the Disney world. That’s how I stumbled on this Disney Parks Scavenger Hunt.

What the Heck is a Disney Parks Scavenger Hunt?

Pretty awesome, to put it simply.

A Disney parks scavenger hunt is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a game that guides you around the parks, and in some cases resorts, to find objects, scenes, and special occasions. Scavenger hunts are already fun, right? Now add some Disney and imagine how much better!

What’s the Big Deal

It’s no secret that there are long lines at Disney and more to see than you can imagine – I mean heck, you’ve probably read all about it on my site! Scavenger hunts give you a new way to tour the parks and a fun new activity to keep everyone entertained waiting in line and between rides.

Here’s Why I Love it

THIS scavenger hunt though, is awesome. It was designed by a former Disney cast member, who knows the ins and outs of both parks like the back of her hand.

It’s HUGE. There are some free scavenger hunts out there (like my Disneyland Halloween Scavenger Bingo), but there usually just a page or too. But the Disney Parks Scavenger Hunt is 15 full pages, and contains over 50 challenges!

The detail is AMAZING! The woman who created this scavenger hunt, Lia of Practical Wonderlust put in a tone of time in the process. She researched tons of trivia, visited remote corners of all the parks, and went through multiple tests and revisions.

See the parks like never before, with this awesome scavenger hunt that takes you to many historic places you probably pass every trip. Like the Test Brick Wall. Do you know where that’s at – or what it is? Because I sure didn’t. You’ll also get a cheat sheet that tells you about the challenges, like the history and location of the Test Brick Wall. (It’s driving you crazy not knowing now, isn’t it?)

But How Much is it?

This is a big printable, that takes you through all 6 U.S. parks and the many resorts of Disney World. And the price for it is just $10, which is amazing. Most guide books cost more than that, and aren’t nearly as fun. It’s a great deal, but it’s just an introductory price. So be sure to get yours, by clicking HERE before it goes up!

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