Inside Look: Swan and Dolphin Hotel Review – All You Need to Know

Nestled between the hustle and bustle of two amazing Disney theme parks, you’ll find the Swan Hotel at Disney World. It’s a divisive resort, between on-property loyalists who claim it doesn’t count and those of us with a budget to consider – who worship at the altar of the Swan and Dolphin Hotel.

The Rooms at the Swan and Dolphin

One of two queen beds in a standard room at the Swan hotel resort in Disney World

I recently stayed in a standard room with two Queen-sized beds which offered a generous amount of space.

Wood colored dresser with 4 drawers and a cabinet. A slick white colored piece of glass serves as the dresser top. A TV and coffee maker are sat on top.

In addition to the beds were a desk, two chairs, and a dresser with four drawers and a mini fridge.

Small mini fridge is shown nestled into a dresser cabinet at Swan hotel resort in Disney World
The mini-fridge froze these water bottles. I did not see anywhere to adjust the temperature settings but it was so hot outside, these were a nice little treat.

The bathroom is split with a vanity, a small closet, and a safe outside the water closet. This area is directly next to the door of the room.

Lit vanity and oversized mirror with back lighting. From the Swan Hotel Resort at Disney World, near Epcot and Hollywood Studios parks.
The separate vanity provided lots of space and made it easy for everyone to get ready in the morning

The sink area does not have a door but is tucked around the corner from the main part of the room. In this area, you’ll also find a small closet and a few shelves.

A small closet is shown with several colorful shirts hanging
The iron, ironing board, and hair dryer can all be found in this closet
Small keypad safe is shown from inside a room at the Swan Hotel Resort at Disney World

Continuing through this area you’ll walk into the main bathroom.

Photo of a moderate sized all white shower with oversized rain shower head, a safety railing is mounted on the wall.

Problems We Encountered at the Swan and Dolphin Hotel

The room was comfortable but could have afforded additional closet space. Even with the dresser drawers, the two of us had to unpack with a bit of strategy.

The walls between rooms are also really thin and we could hear screaming and crying children at all hours of the night. The shared wall had a lockout door that could connect the two rooms. This may have been part of the soundproofing problem. We did not hear anything from our neighbors on the other side.

USB port and standard US outlet on top of a nightstand are show in this photo from the Swan hotel resort at Disney World

There were lots of outlets around the room, both standard US and USB plugs. Each lamp, on the dresser and shared nightstand, contained (1) USB and (1) standard outlet. There was (1) standard US plug outlet near each bed, and one between the dresser and desk.

An outlet is shown on a wall in this picture, with 4 spots for standard plugs and 2 USB ports

Unfortunately, only three outlets worked in the room; one was on the vanity near the room door for the hairdryer, one on the wall near the glass desk, and one (thankfully) for the coffee maker. We did not contact the front desk as I always pack a surge protector anyway, and we were on the clock to go meet Mickey.

Small coffee maker and coffee making supplies are show in this photo taken at the Swan and Dolphin resort near Epcot and Hollywood Studios in Disney World
At least the plug near the coffee maker worked!!

Lastly, the complimentary amenities were nearly empty and the bottle for the body wash completely disappeared after housekeeping came on the second day. It never returned. Again, we’d packed our own so did not contact the front desk about the issue.

Photo of (3) mounts on a shower wall to hold complimentary amenities. Shown mounted are a bottle of shampoo and conditioner. The third mount is empty. Taken at Disney World Swan and Dolphin hotel resort
The amenities we did get to try smelled amazing!

One unexpected surprise was the view of nighttime fireworks from Hollywood Studios. Our room was at the front of the hotel, so the view was obstructed. Even so, I was able to lay back and watch the show from bed. A real treat after a long day! If you request a room on the west side of the resort, you’d likely have a clear view.

Location and Proximity

One of Swan Hotel’s biggest perks is its unbeatable location. The resort sits in close proximity to Epcot and Hollywood Studios, making it a dream stay for park enthusiasts.

Photo of the front of the Swan Hotel as seen from the walking path to Hollywood Studios.
View of the Swan Resort from the 10 minute walk to Hollywood Studios

There are also plenty of ways to get around from the Friendship Boats to the nearby Skyliner, and even (gasp!) walking. I hadn’t planned on walking being the primary means of transportation when I booked The Swan, but nearly every other vehicle shuts down when there is rain. There’s lots of rain in Florida, easily once a day.

The close proximity to the Boardwalk, Beach Club, and Yacht Club means you can take a short walk to utilize their buses to locations beyond the Epcot area and vice versa. We quickly found that the buses used by the Swan and Dolphin ran less frequently, stopped at more intermediary resorts, and ended up parking pretty far from the park entrances.

This is just the elevator, but isn’t it pretty??!

Speaking of the Boardwalk, this prime area is an extra bonus to staying at the Swan and Dolphin. Located right next door, this Disney resort houses several restaurants, shops, and even a dancing hall. I absolutely love the Epcot resort area, it’s my favorite location to stay at Disney World – hands down. All of the hotels in this area are fantastic, but the Swan (and Dolphin) are quickly taking the lead.

Java – The Cafe

The Java cafe became my go-to spot for morning coffee and light snacks. From fresh pastries to hearty sandwiches, this charming cafe provides a quick and convenient option to fuel your Disney adventures. The staff were so friendly and accommodating. They made custom drinks, provided recommendations, and were happy to chat and joke around. Java does close before the nearby parks, which was disappointing to find after a long night, but otherwise a solid selection for a quick bite.

Benefits of Staying at the Swan Hotel

Aside from location and amenities, Swan Hotel guests also enjoy the same exclusive benefits of the Deluxe resorts and Deluxe Villas. This includes free transportation, early morning admission, and extended evening hours. All guests to Disney resorts receive free transportation and admission up to 1 hour before the parks opens. But extended evening hours are available only to Deluxe guests, and guests of the Swan and Dolphin. This means up to 3 extra hours in the parks.

The best part? Rooms at the Swan and Dolphin start around $200 per room per day, compared to the $400+ cost of a Deluxe resort room – this is a steal.

Hotel interior at the Swan resort near Disney World
Honestly, I could just hang out in this lobby all day and be happy.

Despite some minor challenges, the Swan Hotel offers a cost-effective solution for those seeking a taste of deluxe resort living at Disney World. The combination of comfort, convenience, and perks make it a great choice for Disney enthusiasts. I truly cannot say enough good things about the Swan and Dolphin Resort, and recommend it to everyone as a budget alternative to Disney Deluxe Resorts.

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