How to Stay Cool in Disney when its 90 Degrees

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It’s getting’ hot out herre , so take off all your – WAIT A MINUTE! This is Disney! You can’t do that here!! What are you thinking?!? Jeesh, calm down a bit I know it’s hot but come on now. Whether you’re headed to Disneyland or Disney World it gets hot, up to 90 degrees sometimes! Not only is it wildly uncomfortable, it can be downright dangerous – especially for little ones. As your go-to source for all things Disney, I figured it was about time I let you guys in on some of my tricks and tips to stay cool when the temperature rises.


I cannot say this enough: HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE. Staying hydrated is your best defense against the heat. Not only will it help to keep you more comfortable it will help fight heat exhaustion. If you don’t think heat exhaustion is a real issue, I welcome you to consider the following side effects/symptoms: faintness, shortness of breath, heavy sweating, rapid pulse, death. You’re call, but I’d rather just drink some water.

Bring Your Own Frozen Water Bottle

Oh you hate the thought of hot water you say? Me too! Gross. When you think about your options to stay hydrated you really have 2 options: buy water in the parks at $5 a pop, or bring a water bottle and re-fill it at the water fountains. Now if you are rich by all means live it up and go bottled water crazy! However, if you would rather save your green for things like souvenirs or dinner reservations than you’re probably amongst the group of us refilling our bottles at the fountain. And fountain water is not top notch, especially when it gets hot. The trick to making the best of this is to fill a plain old plastic water bottle the night before and place it in the freezer on it’s side, that way you can fill it the rest of the way with water and the ice will keep it cool most of the day! It’s genius I know, you’re welcome.

Spray Bottles are You’re New Best Friend

Sure, you can buy one of those fancy misters in the park. They’re really nice actually, there’s a large reservoir to hold the water and a battery operated fan. It’s heaven. It’s also $20, which is reasonable unless you consider the alternative. You can visit nearly any dollar store and buy a standard spray bottle, like you use for cleaning products, for…. You got it – a dollar. Ummm Ya, I think I’ll take that option.

The Cooling Towel

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were some magic fabric that you could get wet and it’s just magically cold? It’d be amazing! Think of how easy it would be to cool off when it got hot out! You could kick back and watch everyone sweat while you relax and leisurely enjoy your vacation. Well my friend, I have some good news for you! They DO exist! And they’re less than $10. Boom. You can buy one of these Cooling Towels from Amazon!

Wear Loose Fitting Clothing

This should be a bit of a no brainer, but what you wear will certainly impact the amount of heat you endure. Obviously, you’re not going out in the heat wearing a hoodie. But that polyester shirt you got on sale might be just as bad. Stick to natural fabrics, such as cotton, that are breathable in warm weather. Think about layering, as it may be cooler in the morning or late evening. Wearing loose fitting clothing allows a breeze to pass through, as well.

Use the Water Park Play Areas

Especially true in Florida, there are mini water play areas sprinkled throughout the parks. You’ll have to check the maps but I can tell you that at the Magic Kingdom there is one in New Fantasyland, in Epcot there are TWO between World Showcase and Futureworld, and in California Adventure there is one in Bugsland. Take full advantage of these, and let your kids play around too! A little bit of water never hurt anyone, and you can absolutely pack a change of clothes, just in case, if you need to!

Give Yourself a Break

If it get’s to be too unbearable don’t be afraid to take a break. There is no shame in leaving the parks to enjoy the AC in your room, or spending some time at your hotel’s pool. If you really can’t tear yourself away from the action completely, there are plenty of rides well suited for a break. Look for long indoor rides with short lines, like Ellen’s Universe of Energy!

Be Nice!!

Above all else don’t forget to be kind, polite, and courteous to the people around you – as well as your own family. Temperaments seem to rise along with the temperature sometimes, and people can get downright mean. It’s just unnecessary guys, we’re all here to have a good time so don’t stand in the way of anyone else being able to do so. I’ve seen (and am guilty of) being super polite to strangers and a total witch to the family when it gets hot (or I’m hungry. Or when people don’t listen to me. Or my plans don’t work out – wow maybe I’m just not a nice person?), but your family is who you came to spend time with so be nice!

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