What to Pack for a Rainy Day at Disney

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It never fails. You woke up early, got yourself Instagram ready, and made it to the parks for rope drop. But what’s this – it’s raining?!

Visitors in a variety of colorful ponchos walk past 'El Artista Hambriento,' a quick-service food booth at Epcot, on a wet and rainy day. The shiny, wet pavement reflects the gray sky above and the mood of the bustling crowd, as they continue to enjoy the park's offerings despite the drizzle.

From Florida’s famous afternoon rainstorms of summer to the occasional clouds of California. There’s nothing that ruins a park day faster than literal rain on the parade. And there is nothing worse than the feel of walking in wet socks!

Never fear! The Rainy Disney Day packing list is here! I travel to Disney more than 15 times per year – rain or shine. Many Disney poncho and umbrella purchases later, I started taking notes of the best rain gear spotted around the parks. So let’s get down to business!

Rain Jacket

I do not go anywhere without a compact rain jacket. This is even more true in Florida where a storm can start unexpectedly at any time. There are so many adorable rain jackets available, but I truly prefer something light weight in a basic black.

A woman holding a black umbrella looks at the camera with a playful expression of mock dismay. She stands amidst the lush, otherworldly flora of Animal Kingdom's Pandora, which is dampened by rain, creating an atmosphere of adventure despite the wet conditions.
Seriously, do not bring an umbrella.

This classic rain jacket has gotten me through trips to Disney World, Hawaii, and Alaska! It’s super compact, folding up to be the size of my phone. And it comes with a waterproof carrying pouch, for when the sun finally comes back!

Waterproof Park Bag

I thought that I was so prepared on my last trip. With my rain jacket on and umbrella in hand, I was READY for the rainy day. Until I realized my purse did not fit underneath of my umbrella and everything inside of it was soaking wet.

Thankfully my phone and camera were on my person, or it could have been a VERY bad day. From now on this purse protector will always be in my park bag. Of course not everyone takes a purse to Disney, so if a backpack is more your thing a waterproof backpack cover may work out better.

Chalk art on the pavement at Epcot's Festival of the Arts, slightly smeared by rain, showcasing the transient beauty of art and the resilience of creativity in the face of nature's elements.

Extra Socks

Just the thought of wet socks in enclosed shoes makes me uncomfortable. Every squishing step feels like a reminder that nature has beaten you for the day. Somethings can’t be avoided, though. Whether you got stuck in an unpredictable downfall or just chose the wrong spot on Grizzly River Run. You’re never going to regret having an extra pair of socks on hand.

Waterproof Shoe Covers

If, like me, wet socks and shoes and feet makes your skin crawl. Then you may want to take it a step further (lol, step) with Waterproof Shoe Covers.

Park guests in colorful rain ponchos scurry along a rain-soaked path in Animal Kingdom, with vibrant greenery blurred in their hurried passage, exemplifying the spirited resolve of Disney adventurers during a downpour.

My jaw hit the floor when I saw these in the parks on my last trip. Another great, compact, option to bring along for unexpected contingencies.

Is it over the top? Absolutely. Will you regret it? no.


A close-up of a vibrant bowl of tomato soup and a cheesy grilled cheese sandwich on a white plate, resting on a rain-speckled table, inviting Disney goers to indulge in comforting food on a drizzly day.
Okay, this was WAY better on a rainy day. Until it got soggy from the wet table.

A towel has infinite uses on a rainy day. Dry off quickly from a storm once you find cover. Clean off a wet seat after the rain recedes. Especially useful during an Epcot festival, wipe down tabletops (or trashcan tops, whatever) to avoid soggy snacks. Or even lay it down on the seats of your rental car to avoid any potential cleaning charges.

Stroller Rain Cover

I never would have thought of this, and honestly it feels like everyone is breaking the “don’t stick your face in a plastic bag’ rule. But rain covers for your stroller are popular at Disney parks. And who am I to argue with group logic?

Ziploc Bags

A deserted, rain-washed promenade near the Italy Pavilion in Epcot's World Showcase, the glossy stones and vacant benches paint a serene picture, contrasted by the overcast sky and lingering clouds.

Plastic baggies are so handy at Disney parks. Yes, they’re great to keep your phone dry on rainy days (and water rides). But Ziploc bags are also great to take leftovers back to your hotel room, keeping receipts (if that’s your thing), or festival guides, and more!

What Not to Pack for a Rainy Day at Disney

I’ve tried a lot of park rain gear, and found a few duds along the way. Even things that you might use in the rain at home, might not be the best best for Disney.


There was a time when the parks emptied out in the rain, but it just doesn’t seem to have the same effect. Which means in addition to water falling on your head, and slippery sidewalks, there are still loads of people. Umbrellas are terrible in crowded areas, because it’s so much larger than you and has pointy ends.

Gourmet festival dishes sit atop a rain-soaked table at Epcot, with an artistic blend of colors and textures from the food contrasting the grey weather, epitomizing the festival's spirit in spite of the rain.
Not Pictured: Me trying to carrying both of these plus a drink, plasticware, camera, and umbrella

If you like to take pictures and/or snack during your Disney days an umbrella might be more trouble than it’s worth. Sometimes it feels like 2 hands aren’t enough, but try to walk, snack, and document everything on Instagram with just one! Hard pass.


They can be a good option in an emergency – compact and large enough to share (or hide your bag under). But ponchos are just not it.

First of all they never fit right! Ponchos are made to be one-size-fits-all which is an interesting way to say they don’t fit well on anyone. The hoods tend to be so big, that they fly back in the wind.

Visitors with umbrellas and rain gear make their way through reflective puddles in Epcot, showcasing the glossy wet ground and the determination of guests not to let the rain dampen their magical experience.

You’ll want to get out of the rain, of course, and probably visit an attraction. Ponchos are a safety concern indoors, because they don’t fit! The drag on the ground and are too loose to wear on rides, where they could get snagged on machinery. So cast members will ask you to remove them, and now you just have to carry a large wet piece of plastic.

And lastly, they’re not cute. A Disney poncho is like a scout badge in bein unprepared. I have several.


You do not need rainboots, or goulashes, for a Disney trip. In fact, they’re probably taking up a bunch of room in your luggage that could otherwise be saved for souvenirs. Rainboots are not comfortable or suitable for the amount of walking you’ll be doing either. Waterproof shoe covers are the way to go, put them over any shoe you like and stow them away compactly when it’s dry.

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