This Changes Everything At Disney World

Big changes are coming to the current skip the line service, at Disney World. Announced today on the Disney Parks Blog, the Genie+ system will be renamed and revised. While rumors have been circulating that something was in the works, it’s all happening a bit sooner than anyone thought.

Genie+ is a paid skip the line service available at both Disney World and Disneyland resorts. Guests are able to purchase the service on the day of their visit and book attraction return times, known as Lightening Lanes, throughout the day. The service allows you to avoid the standby queue completely and minimize your wait times in the parks.

The service debuted in 2021 shortly after the parks reopened from 2020. Disney uses variable pricing, dependent on the day’s demand, and advises that guests can expect to secure 2-3 Lightening Lanes per person per day.

What’s Changing

The most surprising change is Disney‘s rebranding of the service. This change is intended to provide clarity and improve understanding of the service, which has been hotly criticized for it’s confusing naming convention. It seems like they may have missed the memo, though. As these don’t really clear up the issue.

Genie+ -> Lightening Lane Multi Pass

The service formerly known as Genie+ allows guest to make that same day purchase, and access most attractions in the park they are visiting to secure return times. This will now be called Lightening Lane Multi Pass

Individual Lightening Lane -> Lightening Lane Single Pass

Within each Disney park are 1-2 attractions which are not included in the Multi-Pass, but can be purchased separately. These will now be called Lightening Lane Single Pass, and includes the attractions below.

  • Disneyland Park: Rise of the Resistance
  • Magic Kingdom: Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, TRON
  • Epcot: Cosmic Rewind
  • Hollywood Studios: Rise of the Resistance
  • Animal Kingdom: Avatar Flight of Passage

Future Planning

Beginning on July 24 guests at Disney World Resort will be able to pre-book up to (3) multi-pass experiences per day. Those staying at a Disney World property will be able to make reservations beginning 7 days before their arrival date for up to 14 days of their stay.

Everyone else may begin making reservations 3 days ahead of time.

This change will only impact Disney World.

Final Thoughts and Impact

We are not surprised to see these changes coming to Disney World, specifically. The rebranding and name change are unexpected, but it was only a matter of time before Genie+ reverted back to the Fastpass+ system.

Before 2020 guests staying at a Disney World property were able to pre-book (3) attractions 30 days in advance, and at no additional cost. It allowed us to plan ahead and walk in to the parks with the confidence that at least those top priority attractions were secured. Honestly, it’s something that has been missing from the current iteration. We’re all blindly buying Genie+ with no guarantee of any Lightening Lane return times.

So, it’s a welcome change. But it does in fact change everything about Disney World strategies. We’ll be updating all of our Strategy guides and touring plans to reflect these changes, to get you the best tips before July 24th rolls around.

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