How To Secure Your Spot: Mastering Disneyland’s Park Reservations

I can’t imagine anything worse than showing up at Disneyland, tickets in hand, and not being able to enter the parks. But it happens everyday to guests who don’t know about the Disneyland Reservation System.

It’s the biggest mistake you can make when planning your Disney vacation. But it’s really easy to avoid, if you know how.

Disneyland Park Reservations

The Disneyland Park Reservation system was introduced as a way to limit capacity when the resort re-opened following the 2020 shutdown. State regulations required the parks to reduce capacity to ensure plenty of space between guests during the unprecedented time.

For some reason, we’re still dealing with this system more than 3 years later. The parks seem busier than ever, and reservation availability for Magic Key holders are harder to secure than a membership at Club 33.

All guests to Disneyland must have a ticket and reservation for one of the two parks. Guests without a park reservation will be turned away. While guest relations can sometimes book a same day reservation on your behalf, there is no guarantee.

But, securing your park reservation is as simple as 1-2-3.

Buying Tickets Directly From Disney

Booking your trip directly on the Disneyland website is the simplest way to secure your park reservations.

First, select the ticket type you would loke to purchase.

Complete the selection by entering the number of tickets and confirming single or park hopper passes.

Click the dates of your visit.

Finally, select the park where you will start your day. The Disneyland parks open at 8:00am, most days. Guests with park hopper tickets can move between the two parks beginning at 11:00 am.

Park Reservations for 3rd Party Purchases

Of course, there are lots of savings to be had by purchasing a ticket to the parks from a third party seller. From Target Red Card discounts, to credit card point redemption, or independent authorized sellers like Undercover Tourist.

But these retailers are only able to sell the tickets, you’ll still need to book your theme park reservations – here’s how.

Link your newly purchased tickets to your Disneyland account, by entering the ID number. You can also scan the barcode on your ticket with the mobile app.

Next, visit the Theme Park Reservations page and click “Make or Modify reservations”

Park Reservations for Magic Keyholders

If you’ve just purchased your Magic Key – congratulations! You’re now officially part of the club. Depending on which Magic Key you’ve purchased you’ll be able to hold 3 to 6 park reservations at a time.

Passholders can use the reservation portal to secure their dates. Click book theme park reservations.

Select the tickets or group members you’re making reservations for.

Keyholders can also check how many reservations, or no-shows, they have here.

Click the date and park you are planning to visit.

Finally review your reservation before confirming to make sure everything is right.

Additional Reservations for Magic Keyholders

If you’re traveling from outside of Anaheim to visit the resort, consider booking a Disneyland hotel room at one of the three resorts. Not only will you get to experience the luxurious amenities, but you’ll also be able to book park reservations in addition to the number your pass grants.

And that’s how you secure your spot at the Disneyland parks! Let us know in the comments what other questions you have about planning your next Disneyland vacation!

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