Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival

Bring your appetite – we’re going to an EPCOT Festival. The Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival!

When is the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival?

a vibrant topiary of Princess Tiana from Disney's "The Princess and the Frog" at the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival. Tiana is sculpted entirely from lush greenery, her gown blooming into an array of colorful flowers at the base. A delicate tiara sits atop her head, and she strikes a graceful pose with one hand on her hip. Surrounding her are assorted flowers in vivid pinks, purples, whites, and yellows, creating a lush carpet of flora. Overhead, weeping willows add a soft, green backdrop, complementing the clear blue sky dotted with fluffy clouds above. This topiary captures the essence of the festival, showcasing Disney's horticultural artistry and the celebration of spring's beauty.

The Flower and Garden Festival is an annual event which takes place in Epcot, at Disney World. Admission for the event is included in your park ticket price, however food as well as special activities and events will be an additional cost. This year the festival runs from February 28, 2024 through May 27, 2024.

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Outdoor Kitchens

What would a festival at Disney World’s cafeteria (Epcot) be without exclusive food?! A joke, it would be a joke.

Menu board for "Fleur de Lys," one of the outdoor kitchens at the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival. The menu board, set against a red-roofed kiosk with the words "Biere Maison" indicating a focus on beer offerings, lists a variety of French-inspired dishes and beverages. The menu items include "Croissant au Fromage de Chèvre," "Tarte Tropezienne, Coulis Framboise," and "Gnocchi à la Parisienne." For beverages, options like "Veuve Cliquot Ponsardin," "Kir à la Poire," and "La Vie en Rose Frozen Slush" are available, alongside a selection of beers such as "Kronenbourg Blanc 1664." The board emphasizes the festival's celebration of international cuisine and garden freshness, inviting guests to enjoy a taste of France while surrounded by the floral beauty of the festival.

Not to worry, though, Disney has it covered with seventeen outdoor kitchens. But that’s not all; an additional five non-festival locations will be offering even more exclusive treats. If you’re counting that’s twenty-two opportunities to try something new. Stack up those snack credits!

  • BRUNCHCOT (near Test Track)
  • Epcot Farmer’s Feast (near Test Track)
  • The Citrus Blossom (The Odyssey)
  • Jardin de Fiestas (Mexico pavilion)
  • Lotus House (China pavilion)
  • Baurenmarkt: Farmer’s Market (Germany pavilion)
  • Primavera Kitchen (Italy pavilion)
  • Magnolia Terrace (American Adventure)
  • Hanami (Japan pavilion)
  • Tangierine Cafe (Morocco pavilion)
  • La Isla Fresca (between Morocco and France)
  • Fleur de Lys (France pavilion)
  • Northen Bloom (Canada pavilion)
  • The Honey Bee-stro (near Port of Entry)
  • Pineapple Promenade (near Port of Entry)
  • Trowel & Terllis (near Disney Traders)
  • Florida Fresh (near Disney Traders)

Non-Festival Locations

  • Connections Cafe & Connections Eatery (World Celebration)
  • Funnel Cakes (American Adventure)
  • Refreshment Outpost (bewteen China and Germany)
  • Refreshment Port (near Canada pavilion)

Global Gardens

Strolling through Epcot you might notice that things look a little bit different. More colorful, maybe?

We can thank the Global Gardens (and the amazing cast members who put them together) for that! There is a world of things to do at Epcot (get it? ‘a world‘ because World Showcase?!) and it can be easy to overlook some of the best details about the festivals. But the Global Gardens are certainly not to be missed!

a charming miniature village display, a feature often seen at the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival. This intricate and whimsical setup is located at the Germany Pavilion, a part of the World Showcase that celebrates the culture and traditions of Germany. The scene includes a variety of small, detailed houses, some with classic timber-framed architecture, nestled among rocky landscapes and lush greenery. There's a miniature train, complete with a black locomotive and passenger cars, that appears to be winding through the village on a track surrounded by gravel. The display is set against a backdrop of real trees, providing a sense of depth and natural beauty to the meticulously crafted miniature environment, designed to delight festival-goers with its intricate details and the charm of a bustling, tiny European village.

Our favorite? The tiny miniature village and train in Germany. Did you know they celebrate each of the festivals inside this tiny town as well? How cute!!

  • The Community Garden (World Celebration)
  • Festival Blooms (World Celebration)
  • Connections Conservatory Garden (World Celebration near Connections Eatery)
  • Songbird Meadow Presented by Wild Birds Unlimited (World Discovery)
  • Camp Get Out ‘N’ Play Garden Presented by OFF! (World Discovery)
  • Prehistoric Garden (World Discovery near Mission: SPACE)
  • Floating Gardens (World Nature)
  • Bold Bromeliads (World Nature in The Land Pavilion)
  • Butterfly Landing Presented by AdventHealth (World Nature near Imagination!)
  • The Honey Bee-stro Hosted by National Honey Board® (Rosewalk near Imagination!)
  • Blossoms of Fragrance Presented by Scentsy (World Showcase Bridge)
  • Extraordinary Orchids (Mexico pavilion)
  • Desert Garden (Mexico pavilion)
  • Bamboo Garden (China Pavilion)
  • China Penjing Garden (China Pavilion) NEW!
  • Gnome Garden (Germany Pavilion) NEW!
  • Miniature Garden (Germany Pavilion)
  • Garden Italiano (Italy Pavilion)
  • Bonsai Collection (Japan Pavilion)
  • Kokedema Garden (Japan Pavilion)
  • Shishi Odoshi (Japan Pavilion)
  • Spice Garden (Morocco Pavilion)
  • Bouquet Garden (France Pavilion)
  • English Tea Garden Presented by Twinings® (United Kingdom Pavilion)
  • Shakespeare Garden (United Kingdom Pavilion)

Character Inspired Topiaries

You certainly won’t be able to miss these magnificent Flower and Garden Festival Topiaries scattered throughout the park. They are literal works of art and can take months to create!

An enchanting topiary display of Belle and the Beast from Disney's classic animation, set against a bright blue sky at the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival. Belle is depicted in her iconic pose, reaching out as if inviting the Beast to join her in a dance. Both characters are crafted meticulously from a variety of green plants and moss, capturing their distinctive features with impressive detail. The Beast's topiary has a rich mix of darker tones to outline his regal attire, while Belle's topiary is adorned with greenery that flows into a dress, giving her a lively, natural appearance. In the foreground, vibrant pink and magenta flowers add a burst of color, contributing to the whimsical and romantic atmosphere of the scene. This topiary set is a beautiful representation of the artistry and horticultural magic that is a hallmark of the festival.

Each year these bountiful bushes are pruned and shaped to look just like some of our most beloved characters. You’ll even be able to catch two new additions to the line up in 2024!

  • Asha, Valentino and Star from Wish (Main Entrance) NEW!
  • Figment, Flower Topiaries and Flower Towers (World Celebration Plaza)
  • Huey, Dewey and Louie (World Celebration Plaza)
  • Donald Duck (Community Garden Near Connections Café in World Celebration)
  • Bambi and Friends (near Imagination! and Refreshment Port)
  • Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy  (near Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind) NEW!
  • Buzz Lightyear (near Mission: SPACE)
  • Woody, Bo Peep and Her Sheep (between Imagination! and The Land Pavilion)
  • Rafiki, Simba, Mufasa and Sarabi (near The Land Pavilion)
  • Pumbaa and Timon (near The Land Pavilion)
  • Goofy (Rosewalk)
  • Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Chip, Dale and Pluto (Bridge to World Showcase)
  • Mirabel, Antonio, Isabela and Luisa from Encanto (World Showcase)
  • Miguel and Dante from Coco (Mexico Pavilion) NEW!
  • Anna and Elsa (Norway Pavilion)
  • Troll (Norway Pavilion)
  • Pandas (China Pavilion)
  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Germany Pavilion)
  • Lady and the Tramp (Italy Pavilion)
  • Tiana ( The American Adventure Pavilion)
  • Dragon (Japan Pavilion Near Torii Gate)
  • Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy (between France and Morocco Pavilions)
  • Beauty and the Beast (France Pavilion)
  • Lumiere and Cogsworth (France Pavilion)
  • Butterfly and Flower Towers (International Gateway)
  • Winnie the Pooh and Friends (Rabbit, Eeyore, Piglet and Tigger)
    World Showcase – United Kingdom Pavilion
  • Tinker Bell’s Fairy House Garden
    World Showcase – United Kingdom Pavilion
  • Peter Pan, Captain Hook and Tick Tock Croc (between United Kingdom and Canada Pavilions)
  • Geese (Canada Pavilion)

Special Activities

Between the food and flowers, what more could you possibly need? How about two scavenger hunts and a treat challenge? Returning in 2024 are the Garden Graze, Spikes Pollen Nation Exploration, and the Eggstravaganza!

Garden Graze

The Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival isn’t all about plants, but it is a big part! So, to celebrate all things growing Epcot invites you to tickle your taste buds with some plant based treats. Grab a guide book from locations throughout the park, including each Garden Graze eatery, and check out which dishes are on the menu.

Try (and buy) five or more of items and receive a free limited edition Dole Whip. Talk about a sweet deal!

The "Trowel & Trellis" menu board at the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival, hosted by Impossible™, indicating a focus on plant-based offerings. The menu features a selection of innovative dishes such as the Boneless Impossible™ Korean Short Rib and the Impossible™ Lumpia, catering to those seeking vegetarian or vegan options. The menu also includes a delectable Chocolate Cake with blackcurrant ganache, mixed berry compote, and chocolate ice cream. For beverages, there is a range of options including Twinings Iced Green Tea with cranberry and lime, DASANI Bottled Water, and alcoholic selections like a specially crafted iced green tea with cranberry and lime infused with Twinings London Fruits and a variety of beers from Parish Brewing Co. This menu exemplifies the festival's commitment to offering a diverse array of culinary experiences, including creative plant-based cuisine that aligns with the garden-centric theme of the event.

Participating Locations for Garden Graze

  • Florida Fresh
  • Refreshment Outpost
  • Bauernmarkt: Farmer’s Market
  • Tangierine Cafe
  • La Isla Fresca
  • Trowel & Trellis
  • The Land Cart

Spike’s Pollen Nation Exploration

Back for 2024, this festival scavenger hunt is a must do – especially if you are visiting with kids! Grab your map near the entrance to World Showcase and let the game begin!

Find Spike! He’s been out pollenating the Global Gardens of World Showcase, but he may have gotten a bit lost. Visit each country pavilion and try to find Spike. Once you do, place a sticker on your game map. Once you’ve found them all, return your map for a special prize.

Locations to Purchase a Game Board

  • Disney Traders
  • World Traders

Prizes for Spike’s Pollen Nation Exploration

Images of the 2024 Pollen Nation prizes have not yet been released by Disney. But here are some of last year’s prizes!

Garden Rocks – Concert Series

As the day starts to wind down, the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival heats up with live entertainment. And this is not your ordinary Disney parks entertainment. Regular park shows and streetmosphere are fantastic, don’t get me wrong.

The Garden Rocks concert stage at the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival, awaiting an upcoming performance. It's a spacious outdoor amphitheater with rows of empty wooden benches that provide ample seating for festival-goers. On stage, the setup includes various instruments and equipment, indicating the live musical entertainment that guests can enjoy. Above the stage, screens display the names "Funkafied" and "The Female Collective," likely the bands or artists scheduled to perform. The stage is set within a lush park environment, with trees scattered around providing natural shade. This venue is known for hosting a wide array of artists and bands during the festival, offering guests a mix of tunes to enjoy alongside the visual splendor of the gardens and topiaries.

But the Garden Rocks line up is phenomenal year after year with guests like Boyz II Men, Sugar Ray, and Simple Plan. Not to age myself, but (most of) NSYNC are regulars here. Do you remember how much those concert tickets were when they were touring?

Check out the latest line-up and plan a trip to see your favorites.

Special Tours at Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival

Yes, there is still more to see and do here! Epcot Festivals are truly a multi-day experience, they’re vacation destinations all on their own.

English Garden Tour

A quaint and colorful scene at the English Tea Garden in the UK Pavilion, part of the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival. A traditional tea set is laid out on a wooden tea cart amidst a lush garden bursting with vibrant pink Celosia flowers and purple ground cover. In the background, the charming, Tudor-style architecture of the pavilion's buildings adds to the authenticity of the setting, evoking the feel of a serene afternoon tea in a classic English garden. The arrangement is inviting, with teacups and saucers ready for guests, along with plates that appear to hold biscuits or small sandwiches, completing the picture-perfect tea time display. This setup not only reflects the festival's horticultural beauty but also its celebration of cultural traditions from around the world.

Visit the UK pavilion in World Showcase for to learn more about English horticulture with this 30 minute tour. Complimentary for park guests you can enjoy this one on your own, self guided, or alongside fellow guests and led by an information cast member. Check the Disney World parks app or festival guide for specific tour times.

Behind the Seeds Tour

A glimpse into the innovative agricultural practices showcased in the "Living with the Land" greenhouse, part of the Behind the Seeds tour at Epcot's Flower and Garden Festival. The photo highlights an efficient, tiered hydroponic system where lush green basil plants thrive in a controlled environment, free from soil. This sustainable farming technique conserves space and resources, illustrating the fusion of technology with horticulture. The greenery cascades over white shelves, creating a verdant wall of foliage, and emphasizes the theme of harmony between human ingenuity and the natural world, a key message of the festival. This display not only educates visitors on modern farming methods but also aligns with the festival's celebration of gardening and the environment.

Although not exclusive to the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival, its certainly fits the motif. Behind the seeds is a group tour through four greenhouses of Living with the Land. The experience takes around 60 minutes and costs between $39-45, per person.

Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival Merchandise

No trip to Disney is complete with a bit of merch to prove you were really there, right? You’ll have plenty of options at the Epcot International Flower and Garden festival. With exclusive shirts, popcorn buckets, bags, ears, and more – there’s something for everyone.

In 2024 there are three merch collections available to park guests:

  • Orange Bird Collection
  • Coco Collection
  • Butteflies Collection

Orange Bird? How freaking cute?!

Annual Passholder Collection

Guests who have an active Annual Pass for Disney World will be able to purchase merchandise from a fourth, even more exclusive, collection as well. Images have not yet been released by Disney, but we’ll be sharing them ASAP!

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