About Me

Hey guys! Thanks so much for stopping by, I’m SO happy to e-meet you! I’m Rebecca I run this blog with lots of fancy recipes, but I’m currently writing this while eating frozen pizza, drinking cheap chardonnay, and blasting The Beatles….with my cats! Mama didn’t raise no fool! I do really love to cook, but sometimes life just gets in the way!

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My Crazy Life

I was born in San Diego, CA and while I’ve lived in a couple different places San Diego is absolutely home! I live part-time with my boyfriend of 3 years who is stationed in Las Vegas, NV. While living 6 hours apart during the week isn’t ideal, we alternate the drive each weekend. Plus – who doesn’t want an excuse to spend a weekend in Vegas, when you already live in one vacation capital??

I have a complete inability to sit still for any period of time. Which leads to plenty of adventures. I’m always checking out new restaurants and shops, exploring new parts of town, or going to concerts and shows. I’ve been very fortunate to experience so many wonderful trips, that I never expected in my life. I’ve gotten to visit Hawaii, I’ve spent a week in Disney World, and I got to meet Reba and Brooks and Dun! My life is a little bit of a whirlwind, and I’m always up to something crazy.

Fun Facts You May Not Know About Me

I you could live anywhere, where would it be?: Disney World

When you wake up, what’s the first thought that runs through your head?: Oh god, am I late?! What time is it?! Did my alarm go off!? oh. It’s only 4:00 am. Perfect, time for the gym!

What is your biggest fear: Spiders. I’ve been know to climb through windows to avoid a spider on my front door. I’m not proud. 

What is your favorite book?: Eat, Pray, Love. I’ve read this about 10 times. Sometimes I just flip to a random page and start re-reading.

What is your favorite song?: I’m really torn between “Details in the Fabric” by Jason Mraz or “Yesterday” by The Beatles. These are also 2 of my favorite artists, so it’s basically impossible to choose.

What is  your favorite move?: Star Wars. Episodes II and VI. I can’t even talk about VII. I seriously considered canceling my annual Disneyland pass out of spite after I watched VII. 

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it me?: Pizza. But I feel like that’s cheating, because there are so many different types!
–>>Follow up: What’s your favorite pizza topping(s)?: Pepperoni and garlic. I will never have to be worried about vampires. 🙂

How do you drink your coffee?: Hot, black, and by the liter

What’s your favorite holiday?: Christmas!! I usually break out the Christmas music around September, my boyfriend won’t let me put the decorations up until Thanksgiving though. Party pooper. 

What is your favorite childhood memory?: My favorite childhood memory is my dad and I on the Small World ride in Disneyland. I couldn’t have been older than 7 and I just remember when the boat was coming out of the building I was talking about how much I wanted to go again. My dad made a gesture to the operator and we got to go around again, with no wait. I thought my dad was the most amazing man and must know some really important people to make that magic happen. In reality it’s actually really common for the ride operators to allow this, especially at some of the less popular rides like Small World. But I’m pretty sure this memory is where my Disney addiction stems from. 

About This Blog

I originally started this blog as a creative outlet, and distraction from living alone 4 days a week. I’ve found though, that this blog means so much more to me than just something to fill my time. While I can be a little all over the place, this blog is centered on a few aspects of my everyday life including: DIY projects, recipes, reviews and recaps about some of my many adventures.

Things Yet to Come

I hope to grow this blog and expand into other topics I’m obsessed with such as Disney, Organization, and Finance. I hope you’ll join my newsletter to learn about new content as soon as it’s available!


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